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Cycle Assistance


About to start my first cycle. Would appreciate all the help and advice.


Dbol: First 4 weeks / 50 mg a day

Test E: 12 weeks / 500 mg week

Have my cycle support and pct. My questions were about when to start and stop them.

Should I start my clomid and Nolva right after dbol or Wait until Two weeks after my last shot of Test E at then end of week 12?

Should I continue my cycle support: Aromasin (Void) and my N2 Guard (Rich Piana nutrition, liver and organ defender) after I stop dbol or continue through Test E?

Also what are your thoughts on ending the cycle on dbol again?

Thank you!


You should probably withdraw this post and read the sticky on first cycles.

You definitely should not run this cycle because you have no clue what you are doing.

You will now tell me I’m a dick for not offering any assistance.


Flame away.