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Cycle Approval Please


Background info:
30 yrs old. 265 @ 20% BF. Lifting 3+ years primarily as a power lifter.

This will be my 2nd cycle. 1st was basic test 10wks @ 500mg and HCG 250iu EOD.

Strenght and Mass

week 1-10
600mg test C
400mg tren ent
250iu HCG EOD
1mg A'dex wk

week 11-15
Prisoner22 test taper

40/30/30 and minimum 5000 calories

If I forgot anything, please let me know


1st off, if it's only your second cycle there is really no need for that high a dose. Your total lean body mass isn't high enough, not does your experience with AAS warrant it.

2nd, how do you intend to split that 1mg of Arimidex per week?

3rd, I believe the Prisoner's test taper (as he laid it out) required more than 4-5 weeks.

4th, what do you mean by "40/30/30?" We're not mind readers, which one is carb/protein/fat?

Lastly, at your weight 5000 calories is not enough calories to be focusing on mass gains. I'm 196-ish and I take in almost 6000 on a mass cycle.


thanks for your time and effort. Here is some of your answers
1st- what combo of test/tren would you suggest for this cycle then given my current stats. NOT being being sarcastic BTW!!!

2nd - I guess .25mg EOD. Will be hard to split the pills any smaller. Doesn't quite equal 1mg a week, but will this be sufficent if consistant.

3rd- you are exactly right. Prisioners taper is as follows:
Week 1-6: 100mg per week of test
Week seven to twelve:

4th - 40/30/30 protein/carb/fat. I still need to work out diet admitely

so cycle as of now is:
week 1-10
test c 600 mg
tren e 400mg
1mg A'dex

Week 11-16 taper start(twice week injections)
test c 100 mg

Week 17-22 taper down (twice week injections)

  1. 1000mg would be a very SOLID cycle, but with tren it will be a bit much, given cycle number two. I think that at 212lbs your weight is sufficient for that dosing, but given that it is your second cycle you would be better off using less if you can. I'd try something like 800mg, say 500 test 300 tren. Think of tren as test x 3, which is pretty much what it will feel like. Plus until you know your tolerance to tren or higher dosage cycles, especially together, you may want to be safe about it. You also don't know your tolerance to 19-nor compounds (like tren) and progesterone sides, so moderation is key. I would not surpass 350mg/wk of tren until you run at least one cycle with it.

  2. .25mg EOD is good

  3. The test taper is good, and you need the full protocol, especially with something like tren which will be pretty harsh on recovery, especially with the enanthate ester. The HCG is worthless and it really won't do anything extra to help with recovery. With the taper you'll be fine. Even without the taper I think HCG is a waste of money, but to each their own.

  4. 5000 calories may be fine, you may need nore. As long as you are gaining sufficiently and not getting fat(ter), you will be fine. The tren will help keep you the fat gain at bay as you overeat to gain mass. You don't need that much protein. 5000 cals with 40% protein is 500g. If you eat more than 5000 then you're getting over that, which is just dumb, even with AAS.

Unless you're a monster and have a HUGE amount of lean mass, which you have 212lbs, it really is unnecessary. Overeating and the AAS will help spare protein use as fuel, and the AAS (especially the tren!) will help increase your feed efficiency, meaning your body will use the protein you do eat more efficiently in the muscle-building process. If really won't hurt to eat that much protein, but you may get gassy and have some digestive issues if you aren't used to it.

Plus substituting the unnecessary protein with extra carbs may help performance and energy recovery. You'll know based on what you currently do what works for you.


Thanks for the advice. I forgot to mention that I have Mast eth on hand as well. I realize that you suggested that 1000mg a week is most likely not necessary at this point but given the 3 compounds on hand, what could the possible mix be. 400 test/300 tren/200 mast weekly?

And would it be more wise to stick to only two compunds this run? HCG is only to keep the testicles going. I experience pain in the testes if not running and is a personal choice.


I think you'll be very content with the effects of Tren included into your cycle. Anytime I incorporate it, I hardly gain any fat and my strength gains are great.

Then again, I run between 10-18 miles per week.

The 500:300 split is a good measure.

In regards to your macronutrient split, I would personally suggest you cut down on your carbs and bump up the fat. Along the lines of 55/35/10 or so.


Thanks again for your time. In regards to the mast eth I have on hand. 20ml @ 200mg. Should I, or how could I, incorporate into this cycle. Maybe at a low dose of 75mg x2 week? Is this just over kill in your opinion?

Also, would I need to follow any PCT protocol given the HCG/A'dex incorporated into the cycle?

What compound would you have on hand incase gyno problems arise?


can anyone shed any light on this post. Thanks to the two that have