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Cycle and Routine Q


gunna run a 10 week test p cycle
1-10 100mg eod
either .25 or .5 arimidex eod
nolva on hand incase of gyno.
nolva 40/40/20/20

what you think of first cycle?
second is routine. i've read people doing everything from their normal 5 day split working body part once a week to full body 3-4 times a week. i was thinking maybe full body upper 1 day then full lower next for 6 days then 1 day off, repeat


100mg ED and use letro or arimidex for estrrogen


You are definitely going the conservative route with this cycle. The first cycle will be the most potent. If you dont feel like pinning every day, maybe add in a nice oral. Maybe some winny tabs, dbol, or Anavar, depending on your budget....

Also 10 weeks on the same test prop dose may not be the best way to go...


There is a good article by Bill on Meso which explains why the reasoning behind this idea is faulty.