Cycle and Pregnancy

So here’s the deal… I’m getting married in May and was planning on doing a cycle of tes prop and tren. I was planning on doing clomid and HCG as my PCT. I was planning on starting my cycle in February and going for 12 weeks. Currently my stats are 29 years old, 5’10", 170lbs with about 10% bf and been training for 10 years. I cycled the fall of 2005 and managed to get to 192 lbs. I’ve been clean ever since.

I was wondering, if I should hold off on the cycle since my fiance wants a honeymoon baby. I’ve been contemplating it since I know the gear I’m using will shut my boys down. I want to look good for the honeymoon and be nice and shredded. My diet is decent and could use some cleaning up but overall it’s decent. When I eat, it’s clean food but I just don’t eat enough. Let me know your guys’ thoughts.

So you admit you don’t eat enough for growth (or maintenance for that matter), but you plan on going on a cycle?

Sounds like a well thought out plan.

I’ll admit that since i’ve been off of gear my motivation has gone down. Since the motivation went down, so did all my “good” habits. I managed to maintain a lean 178lbs up until this past summer. I would say August was when I slowed my eating and my workouts dropped from 5-6 days a week to 3 days a week. Not that this is an excuse, but I bought a house and got engaged so I got wrapped up in furnishing the house and hence, majority of my paychecks went to the furnishings. But alas, I just got a raise which will help me pay for the food that I need to grow. Good quality food costs good money.

I know once i’m back on a cycle, i’m going to change my habits again. Knowing I may do another cycle, i’m starting to clean up my diet and rebuild a foundation before I start the cycle (if I do).

I do have an ectomorph body which makes staying lean pretty easy but the only bad thing is, I lose weight easily.

As far as my plan goes, I know it sounds like it isn’t thought out, but I’m aware of the foundation I need to rebuild before cycling again. That’s also one of the reasons why I plan on starting in February (as long as I can still get my lady pregnant).

Fair enough.