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Cycle and PCT Advice

Just chasing some feedback, running 20 weeks test e 500mg a week, using AI Anastrozole.25 eod, looking to add Tren a for last 4-6weeks. Have read to run Tren up to PCT after stopping test e two weeks out, also planning on using HCG for last four weeks up to PCT the running clomid 50/50/25/25/25/25 for 6 week pct.

Any feedback or suggestions?

If your joints get achy you may want to lower the AI dosage. Good luck with the cycle. 20 weeks is a long time!

Yeah have reduced the AI from initially .5 eod due to some sides and added some more fish oil into sups but seems all good now, was a bit hesitant to push cycle too 20 weeks but getting married soon and didn’t want to come off just before and risk not enjoying the honeymoon!

Anyway will see how it all goes!

What’s your past cycle history? 20 weeks is a little long IMO but not too crazy. If you haven’t used tren before I might not risk it while your on your honeymoon. I’ve never used it but sides can be rough.

Been a few years since any cycle due to competition testing, so first cycle back, just been reading the Tren at end of cycle will cut me down nicely, only thinking 200/250 mgs PW for last 5-6 weeks and never using Tren before going the Tren A as if sides mess with me I can stop and have out of system pretty quick

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Anyone running simalar cycle with any advice either positive or negative?