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Cycle and Hairloss

I am about to do my first cycle.
I’ll be running 500mg test E per week
Plus I’m gunna kickstart it with some anavar or dbol.
Also going to be running arimidex throughout to prevent gyno and doing nolva PCT.

My question is: Do any of the vets have any suggestions to prevent hairloss while on?

I’ve already got Propecia (1mg finasteride) and I’m getting some Proscar with my order (5mg finasteride)
I was also going to get some Topical Spironolactone to use everyday because I’ve read that in terms of cycling, topicals are best for preventing hairloss.

I was going to run the proscar at 1/4 of a pill a day and one full pill every 5 days.
Also using nizoral and nioxin shampoos.

Does this sound legit to anyone who has done similar?
What do you think about adding dbol or anavar? Is one worst than the other for hairloss?
My hairloss is controlled but don’t want to aggravate it anymore while cycling.

Thanks for reading, any feedback is appreciated!

It sounds to me like you are prone to male pattern baldness?? Is this why you have so many things onboard to prevent it?? AAS affect everyone differently. If you have MPB then AAS will likely excelerate the process. If you do not, don’t assume that you have to over do it (just in case).

If you are concerned than I would say your proposed Proscar and Shampoos should be plenty of protection. I am lucky enough to have no hairloss symptoms at all on AAS. I guess with hair it’s better to be safe than sorry though. If you were going to add some orals I would say Anavar would be your safer bet, it’s conversion rate to DHT is pretty minimal, whereas Dbol may speed up the MPB process.

Hope this helps!

Thanks dude, yep I am prone to thinning hair and acne also.
I think being on acutane when i was a teen actually accelerated my hairloss.
my hair got curly while on it and now it is thinning at the temples

So this cycle should be interesting. Hopefully the benefits will outweigh the sides, I’ve been researching it long and hard…

If anyone has any further tips Im appreciative