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Cycle and Hair Protection

I am planning a 8 week,{ Sustenon(500mg), TA(350mg), Androsol, Winny(350mg)/week.} cycle and would like your input on weather Nizoral Shampoo (Ketaconazole 1%)will help or if I would be better of getting a script to use Spironolactone (Aldactone). If I need a script would ketaconazole 2% work better than Aldactoe.

I don’t think ketoconazole is all that effective but it won’t hurt. Spironolactone
has the problem that it metabolizes to
yield thioacetic acid, which smells like
wet dog. Do not believe claims of
spironolactone products regarding alleged
lack of smell. It may not smell while in
the bottle, if a good product, but most
certainly will stink after it’s been on
your skin for a while. Other than that,
it’s somewhat effective.

thank you Bill

What would you recomend given the cycle?

I would rather not smell like a wet dog.

If testosterone is being used, I’m a fan
of topical azelaic acid, which is a good inhibitor of 5AR. At least one of the
hair doctors on the web sells the stuff.
Actually I also saw some nutritional
supplement site that sold it as a supplement,
which seemed to me of dubious legality,
but nonetheless, there it was.

For most synthetics there is no value in
inhibiting 5AR, so the only things that
would be of value is an androgen receptor
blocker (spironolactone, but as mentioned
it smells) or compounds that might mitigate
the inflammatory and immune response against
the hair follicles (I think Rogaine and
Nizoral work, to the extent they work, this way.)

Cud: Here is a copy of a portion of an email that I sent to Dr. Lee of Minoxidil fame.

Dr. Lee:

How do you feel about the use of Spironolactone?


I have an article published regarding topical spironolactone on my website.
Although it is not as effective as azelaic acid in treating DHT, it is an
effective treatment. Unfortunately, it has a bad odor. I do compound a 2%
spironolactone formula.

If you were not prone to male pattern baldness, and there is no family history of it, then would hairloss even be an issue with this 8 weeks of Suc, TA, Androsol and Winny? Maybe I’m just demonstrating my lack of knowledge on the subject, but does anyone think otherwise?