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Cycle and EMS to Fix Imbalances

guys, it’s probably stupid idea but could I fix my imbalances through EMS training and steroids? it makes sense, you could select only a particular muscle group to work on and it’s been proven to build muscle. So I could cycle but only do intense EMS training on the muscle group once a day and do nothing else. I’m going to get a EMS system and going to see how I feel about it. If I see that it could help my imbalances, I’m going for it.

It sounds stupid because it is. EMS is snake oil. Fix imbalances by targeted training. Real training. Whatever you’re going to spend on an EMS machine could be spent on food and/or gear. You’ll get a lot more out of those two things. You look pretty lean, which means you can pack on size very well with the right diet/training/drug regiment. How old are you? How long have you been training? Etc.

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I would think one set of isolation exercise would work better. You could get a couple dumbbells for pretty cheap. Just make a goal to do at least one set a day.

That was my first idea, to train them with real weights. I LOVE working out, I wish I could… My imbalances are so bad that the weaker muscles have stopped working like they should, because the stronger muscles compensate for the weaker ones. I so even if I tried to target the weaker ones. It wouldn’t work because my dominant muscles would take over. I’ve tried, I promise. That’s why J need the EMS to “wake” my muscles up. Even though you think it’s snake oil, it is scientifically proved to work. And thank you very much for the reply, you’re the only once I’ve gotten so it means a lot