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Cycle And bloodworks. Need some opinion

So, i did almost 4 month Cyp 500mg/week. Gear was underdosed, maybe the first 10ml vial had 200mg/ml… others way off. I just took Some bloodworks, but not SHBG and LH. My T-4v was 23 and TSH 4. Now my doctor thinks i have “low thyroid” problems. What i think, is that my LH is shut down or realy low, and thats why my TSH is 4, i cant tell the doctor that the test might be the reason for it. Also, i took Estradiol, not sensitive method, lab range here is 0.15 max. My was 0.39. Last injection taken week ago. Other bloodworks are completely fine and in perfect range. Today i will get my S-test results, i am very sure it is something realy low like 8-15 Nmol. For the Estradiol, i think it is little high because of Shit test gear ? does the E2 come down itself? Also i am planning to do full new cycle next week, With proprely dosed stuff. 500mg test week and kickstart it with Dbol 4 weeks like 20-30mg.

EDIT: What the hell, it happens it has not realy been so underdosed! just called about my S-test. It was 89.9 Nmol. Before bloodworks, i pinned Monday 1ml/300mg and 0.6ml Saturday. Then i went to take the Test 4 days after the injection… and 89.9 ? so what it has been if i would have taken it 24 hour after injection ?. Now the real question comes. Why i have been very tired/out of motivation and all For atleast last month ?? When i started cycle, i was like a superman 5-7 weeks, unbeliveble energy,motivation and nice gains. E2 0.39 not sensitive method is not so high…? is my head doing some things or what is this!

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