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Cycle After Surgery, Yes or No?

Just had shoulder labrum repair surgery and wondering if using gear could benefit me by healing faster. I’m stuck in a sling for a month and starting physical therapy soon. Not clear to actually lift decent weights for probably 5 months.

Friend of mine said not a good idea because healing too fast before I get mobility back could cause long term mobility issues. Not sure if I agree.

Thoughts? PS: I’m thinking a light cycle like 400mg test/week and maybe decca 30mg/day.

Use gear to help heal or wait til I heal naturally? Possible risks using gear while recovering?

GH and some of these new peptides can be very beneficial

Bump. Would anyone use Gear to assist healing in a sling? Or do I run the risk of healing too quick while immobile and end up with poor range of motion?

Was your surgery open or arthroscopic? I’m having an open bankart procedure done 6-1-17 not lookin forward to it!