Cycle After Anadrol

hey guys , first time posting so hoping to get proper responses instead of the usual negative feedback ive been reading on the forums (Like bruh nobody is a doctor herewe should help each other out instead of talking shit)

my main question , could i run a second cycle immediately after my anadrol cycle ? id take maybe a week or 2 to give my liver a break but i was thinking of maybe doing Dbol after so i dont lose my strenght/gains, would that be recommended? i’d interchange them continually throughout the year for a year.
im currently on week 3 of Drol , also taking Test E 250 x2 a week on week 9 now.
insane gains, insane strenght, never wanna go back to natty.

also, ive had mixed reviews / guidance on anti-O , i havent taken anything for oestrogen but i have with me tamoxifen 20mg pills & aromasin 12.5mg capsule, no gyno or mood swings, minor chest acne but thats it . also found that i cant get as hard or horny (i was a boner rocket on week 3-4 of test, now its like meh, idc about it)

any help would be appreciated, thank you

Don’t think this comment is gonna get the positive feedback your looking for. It’s irresponsible. Might wanna edit it out.
My advice would be to lower your test dose to under 200/wk after 10-12 weeks and get bloods done to see where you are at after a couple months before jumping on another cycle.
Would use aromison for anti estrogen. It sounds like you might need to add some in. Bloodwork will tell you.


Looks like you answered your own question. ‘Could you’ of course. Taking AAS period is not a safe approach and Anadrol is one of the most toxic orals. The harm reduction path would be to cruise on a reasonable T C/E dose for awhile before jumping back in the pond. Basically what @s.gentz stated.

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respect for the actual answer though, so what would you recommend so i dont lose my strenght gains? im a machine at workvim a roofer work 10 hour shifts and gym 2 hours after i dont want it impacting.
how often can i run these in a year then? im also not on a high dose (40mg , 20 waking up , 20 before gym)
its kinda hard to go for blood work with work because im only off sundays

i have friends who ran test for 2 years straighr, can i just lower the dose coming off AAS for a few weeks, then up it back when im ready ?

You can run them as often as you like but it’s risk/reward. It’s gonna beat your insides up and catch up with you. You have to fast for bloodwork so make an appt. at 6am at a quest location and go before work. This stuff is important if you want longevity.
I would never run an oral for more than 4-5 weeks and at least a month break in between.
I would also never continue to cycle without getting bloodwork to make sure i’m healthy.
If you stay on a TRT dose of 180mg/wk or so and eat /train correctly on these “off” times you should be able to maintain most if not all of what you have gained.
Listen to @blshaw. He is very knowledgeable.


Not sure what this implies. I am on 140mg/wk for life. Its TRT for me. Cycling and/or blast and cruise is different. If you blast and cruise, for example, you would finish your cycle of Anadrol and Test E. Then, by example, you would drop the Androl and run a lower reasonable amount of Test E for maintenance (say 200mg/wk by example). You would cruise on that for a couple months, not weeks, and then go back to new cycle. This is called a Blast and Cruise approach. The other approach is to take a PCT wherein you will lose most of what you gain. I won’t go into anymore detail as I don’t truly advise on cycles due to the legality and personal choice nature of the whole situation.

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180~200mg a week on ‘brakes’ or general dosage? that sounds kinda low no? im not arguing i love learning i just question everything so i can understand more. & ill try to find a private clinic and go after work ill just suck it up and not eat that day because i live in a small town i need ro drive like 45 mins to reach one.
so basically what im getting from this is i should aim to be natty + low test instead ? what about tren guys?

a couple months as in 2-3 or 6-8? Drol cycles only last like a month or so so id only be supplementing like 4 months a year if im reading this correctly? i understand you cant advise for the legality reasons etc , if you want to dm for more personal talks id be down im really trying to make changes , ive gone clean, dont smoke, dont drink, eat heavy, lift heavy work hard etc i feel like im becoming the best version of myself im just trying to maximize all this

You would be on low test so not natty. The 180-200mg/wk will keep at or higher than normal range.
If you continue to eat and train correctly you will keep what you gained until your body can rest a few months and then you can do another higher test/oral cycle for 10-12 weeks. I would recommend running the oral for more than 4-5 weeks at a time. You would usually run the oral as a kickstart in the beginning of the cycle or closer to the last 4 weeks if you plateau in your lifts.
I’m not even going to comment on tren here as (no offense intended) you don’t really seem to have a full grasp on the basics of using anabolics and health.

Why delete this? This is just how you feel, unless it isn’t.
This comment puts you squaring in the Goldman’s Dilemma.

I said similar things, but could not announce it on the internet for all the world to see and have on record for eternity. Note how you deleted it and yet it is still here. So, you have that.


Another delete? How long did you run Anadrol and at what doses?

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What is Drol?

im not trying tren for a while ibwant to get atleast 2 years in before even thinking about it but thank you.
so now that im on week 9 test and start Drol a week ago could i just keep going with the drol for another 3 -4 weeks and cap my test on week 12-13, cut the drol and lower test to 200mg/week? ive made insane gains for like a month or 2? get blood work, everything good - rinse & repeat? between the slave work , rhe hours in the gym and disgusting amounts of chicken / mass gainer id hate to see any of it go away

just to get better responses, alot of people here dont react well to these kinds of things, its like trying to tell a pot smoker that weed does have negative impacts but the pros outweigh the cons , they still get defensive

im on 40mg a day / 20 mornjng 20 before gym at night, week 1 completes on saturday , Drol is anadrol

I am not giving any advise, but here is what I did over 3 decades. When I competed blast and cruise was not well known, and never practiced it. I was either “on cycle” or “off cycle.”

My philosophy was to be “on cycle” more than “off cycle.” And yes, I did lose strength during my “off cycle.” But that all comes back and more the next “on cycle.” I started with Dianabol only the first few years. Once I started running testosterone I had the following protocol.

  • 200mg/wk of testosterone cypionate
  • Up to 200mg/wk of an injectable anabolic (like Deca)
  • Up to 20mg/day of an oral anabolic.

I usually ran 8 week cycles with 6 weeks off. If I had a targeted contest, I ran 12 week cycles with a change and boost in AAS at week 7.

BTW, I rarely ran Anadrol 50, and if I did it was no longer than 4 weeks.


would you completely stop test on ‘off cycles’ ? could i mix my deca with my test in the same syringe? i heard npp was good also.
i wanted anadrol because of its androgenic affects on my shoulders im a slimmer guy by nature amd wanted to add width to my physique but dbol seems like my next go to , thank you

That is what I did. But much has evolved since I was using AAS. I would consider the “cruise” idea. But having had no “issues” through my use of AAS, I might have been doing the correct method, at least for me. We all react differently to hormone manipulation. I consider @hankthetank89 as the best source I know on “blast and cruise”. Maybe he will comment. (that said, a pic and stats would be helpful)

I only used the long acting nandrolone decanoate. That I only injected once a week, but it is one of my favorite injectable anabolics.

IMO, Dianbol is superior to Anadrol mg for mg. And all AAS cause your delts and traps to increase in size, because they have the greatest density of androgen receptor sites.


is there a way to avoid getting ‘deca dick’ ?