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Cycle After 5 Months w/ Injury

Sup SP
I am from South-Africa, recently found TNation Whole lotta shit I have been missing! HAHA
I want to get right to it, I have been asking for help/advice here in SA from a few BBers and Fitness Athletes, the problem I am experiencing is that they are so fucking full of themselves and if they give you any tips/info they want to charge you an arm and a leg. What happened to giving back after you have reached the top?

Anyway, ok so after my professional rugby career was ended by a rotator cuff injury, I gained a lot of weight, I weighed 128 KG and Iâ??m just under 6 feet tall. I managed to lose 38 kgâ??s. Started working out and n went on a basic test E/C cycle with dbol first 6 weeks and winnies last 6 weeksâ?¦ gains were amazing, only problem I had was the lack of knowledgeâ?¦ not doing any pct…

Just when I have finished my cycle I became very sick and had to use cortisone and that kept me out of the gym for nearly 5 months. But I am fine now, in that time I was off I started to research gear/nutrition/training etc. So I am now at that point where I want to start again and fuck the naysayers!

I have a few questions,
1 I am now ± at 25-30% bf but whatâ??s weird is when I flex I got veins running down my shoulders/chest/biceps etc. I also think Iâ??m prone to gyno, sometimes I get a tingly feeling in my nipples and the one is a little bigger that the other.

2I also was thinking of using HGH Pharma grade and Clen for weight loss.

3I was wondering should I use a strong PCT like nolvadex, HCG, clomid maybe Dostinex/Cabasser and Aramadix before I start a new cycle.

4My Macros are Prot 45% Carb 35% Fat 20%. I worked out my calories to maintain LBM is around 2500 cals. My carb consumptions is at BF, PRE and Post workout (carbs from mass build shake and vitargo) and my fat intake is between BF and pre workout and then last meal of the day.
So please SP any advice will be HIGHLY appreciated