Cycle After 2 Month TRT Cruise

Hello guys,
Just recently became a member to T Nation.
First my current stats
190lbs. 5’10"
Roughly 13 percent body fat.
41 yrs. old
Training 3 years seriously on an off additional 5 yrs.

Trying to dial in my projected cycle for summer.

Currently on TRT test e 200mg wk.
Arimidex 1mg weekly.
Projected cycle
12 wks. Deca 450 Test E 750-1000mgs.
Caber and arimidex on hand already.
What I’m trying to decide is how long I should run this projected cycle at these dosages and best way to utilize the above mentioned compounds.
Want to front load 950mgs. Deca 1500 Test E first wk. And run the total duration for 12wks. Then resume my try dosage of 200mgs. Wk
My objectives are to obviously increase lean mass as much as possible wo gaining much more bf.
See I’m indecisive as whether to use this opportunity to shred up or lean bulk. Been reading several articles within this forum that indicate size is an illusion. Let me briefly explain. Some who weighs 190 @ 8 percent bodyfat looks bigger than someone 210 @ 15 percent bodyfat.
What I’m trying to accomplish is a sub 10 percent bf while carrying at least 185-190lbs. I’ve included a picture of myself as of yesterday.
Please critique it and tell me your honest opinions keeping in mind 200lbs. Plus just isn’t my goal at 41 yrs. Old and the best way to achieve my desired results.
Please feel free to brutally honest. Trying yo learn as much as I can. That’s why I’m here in the first place.
Thanks in advance guys!

You should be able to recomp successfully with just test@750mg for 10-12 weeks if 8% bodyfat at your current weight is your goal.