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Ok, ok, ok...Before I get flogged for posting steroid related questions on my first day as a member, allow me to explain that I've been a member for about 2 years under another name... Nevertheless, I wanted to post my newest cycle on here to see if I could get some feedback.

I am 27 yrs. old. Been training for roughly 8 years. 6' 220 lbs, 9-10% bf.

1st cycle, sus250 2cc's/wk. 10 weeks. Uneducated, no AI's or PCT.
2nd cycle, Test E 500/wk. 10 wks.
3rd cycle, Test E 500/wk, EQ 600/wk. 12 wks. Great cylce with proper PCT.

Proposed 4th cycle:

Test E- 600-650/wk. Will frontload using the formula depending on which dose I go with.

Was thinking of only running this 8 weeks due to availability of product and financial restraints. Hence, the slightly higher weekly dosage.

Was wanting to jumpstart the long-estered enanthate with dbol @ 30/40 mgs/day for the first 4 weeks. Have never experimented with dbol, so was wanting to experiment with tolerance for the first few days.

Am also considering running winstrol the last 4 weeks. Question is, with it and dbol both being 17aa's, would the combined 8 weeks be too liver toxic?

So, should I just stick to the dbol and test? Also, what kind of PCT would be recommended for this cycle? I have Nolva, Clomid on hand for SERM PCT. I also have letro to control bloat while on (unable to get adex.) What dosage should I run that at and when should I start it?

Any input is appreciated.

  • Bocephus


Looks pretty good. If the dbol is good it will launch you into your cycle big time. You can take a little more letro while on both test e and dbol as they both aromatise significantly - maybe 0.2mg/d - adjusting up or down according to how you respond. After the dbol phase is over, you can reduce letro to about - 0.2mg EOD. I think you could do both the dbol and winstrol, but 8 weeks is a little long for these orals. Maybe 3 weeks dbol 2 week rest and 3 weeks winstrol?

Nolvadex PCT: W1:40mg/d W2:40mg/d W3:20mg/d W4:20mg/d

HCG: Would be a good addition to use at 250iu EOD during cycle to keep testes plump and facilitate recovery significantly.


Thanks for the prompt response. I will look into getting some HCG.