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Cycle Advise PLEASE!

Hey everyone I have never posted on a forum before about gear but I was hoping someone with more experience would be willing to give me some advice. I have 3 10ml bottles of testosterone enanthate 250mg/ 1 20ml bottle of tren 75mg/ 3 10ml bottles of deca 200mg/ 200 10mg d-bol tabs / 8 weeks of Proviron… I am not sure how I could best combined these to work best in my favor.

I have taken many cycles before but never had this combination of compounds. I have been training solid for 6 years its been 6 months since my last cycle. I am 6’4 273lbs 11% body fat. I train 6 days a week hard as you can imagen. I am on a high protein moderate carb diet. around 400 grams of protein and 250 carbs a day calories around 4000 to 4500. Can anyone please help me? Thank you for your time…

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