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Cycle Advice

Whats up guys I am new to this forum, just wanted to make sure I am doing some things right during my cycle. I am currently taking M drol, the same compound found in superdrol. I just would like some advice regarding it.

I am contemplating whether to do a 3 or a 4 week cycle. If i do 3 weeks I would be doing: 1st week: 20 MG/day 2nd week: 30 MG/day 3rd week: 30 MG/day. If i do a 4 week: 1st week: 20 MG/day 2nd week: 20 MG/day 3rd week: 30 MG/day 4th week: 30 MG/day. Which one would be more effective?
Another question I have is regarding my PCT.

I currently have clomid, aroma, and this new product myopex…would this be effective enough for this cycle. The last question I had is concerning acne.

Never had it before but I am prone to it from heredity. I am currently taking Pantothenic acid, and washing my face a lot, does anyone have any suggestions on other good products to take for it. Sorry about this novel, just like some advice/criticism on these things.


would be much better ? for the steroid section bro