Cycle Advice

I’m planning on running a cycle of:

Deca - 400mg/wk
Test Cyp 400mg/wk
Winstrol 50mg/ED
Tren 50mg(I think it’s 76mg my friend said) /ED or EOD

I’m planning on running it for 8 weeks. I have a few questions though…

  1. Can I extend the cycle to 12 weeks? I know you shouldn’t stay on winstrol for that long but if I took a liver support formula throughout and used proper PCT afterwards would it be ok? This is my first cycle and I don’t plan on doing another one for at least 6 months so I will have a long enough time to have my liver to recouperate…

  2. Clomid…I have read different schools of thought on when to start. Right at the beginning of a cycle and stay on throughout, start in the middle and run the rest of the way and a couple of weeks afterwards, start after your cycle and run for a month or so and start 2-3 weeks post cycle and run for a month.

So which one is it? For this cycle which is the best way to go?

  1. Nolva/Arimidex - Do I need it on this type of cycle? If so, How much and when to start?

I’m 29, 5’10" 215lbs probably somewhere between 10-12%BF, and I have been training hard and natural for about 15 years. My diet is dialed in. Being a fat kid growing up, I have a very hard time getting super leanshredded or vascular so thats what I hope to accomplish and keep the size (gain some hopefully) that I already have.

If you need to know any more info about myself, please ask. Thanks in advance…

If I switch the Deca/Cyp to Prop and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, would I still need to use arimidex throughout?

Also since these have shorter half lives should I start the Clomid closer to my last shot instead of 3 weeks later?