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Cycle Advice

Could you cretique and give me a little advice. I’m about to start a cycle and would like a few pointers that I can’t fine here. I’m 5’10" 175lbs 10%. I want to retain at least 10lbs of LBM after the cycle. I was planning on 400mg Deca for 8 weeks with 60mg Winstrol ED orally in divided doses. Clomid 50mg/day throughout and 4 weeks after the cycle is over. I have 9 amps of sustanon and was wondering if week 1 500mg and weeks 2-8 250 mg would be a good idea. If not how would I stack this test for the best results with minimal sides? 500mg/week for 4 weeks? I have HCG and would like to know how much, how often, and when? Thanks you

Your cycle is very well thought out and is similar to what I am about to do. I would do the test just like you suggested the first time.
It will add some gains at that dosage but more
importantly, it should keep you from getting
the dreaded “deca dick”. Happy growing!

PS: The clomid should help you maintain ball size during your cycle, but if it dont, try the hcg at 500iu per day for 2-3 weeks.