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Cycle Advice

I decently landed a job with the Navy (Fitness Director) and will be at sea for 6 months. I see it as a great opportunity to make some great gains (EAT/SLEEP/TRAIN/EAT SOME MORE…repeat). I would like to included MAG-10, and 4-AD. What sort of combination do you think I should use for my six month adventure?

Congrats on your new job. However, it pains me to think that my former employer has to go to the civilian population to find a fitness director. Well, at least they are getting a T man. BTW, I would take the two phormones separately with at least 2 weeks off in between. MAG10 already has both Class I and II androgens in it so taking them together is probably not going to add much. Use with M and Tribex on your weeks. Have fun. It sounds like a nice job.

I can understand your concern, Roids. But trust the crew is in good hands…I have 8 years training experience, have competed in several bodybuilding shows, and degree in Exercise Physiology…PLUS I am a T-Man!!!

Thanks for the cycle advice.

I would be surprised if your gains were any better than average considering the stress of being underway, the crappy nutrition, poor workout facilities, and the partying that is inevitably going to happen when liberty call goes down. I wish you luck, but dont’ be surprised when it doesn’t pan out the way you want.

I’m currently stationed on an aircraft carrier. At a minimum, don’t deploy without protein powder, creatine, multi-vitamins, and (for me at least), Fish Body Oil or some type of Omega 3. The food does suck. We’ve got a killer gym though. Too bad I have to share it with 5000 other “members”.

I really based my assumption on past experience where I lived in a “controlled” enviroment (No, not prison!). I made the best gains during that time, but the was no such thing as Mag-10 etc…so I figured with that in my arsenal, I would make even greater gains. You mention the poor nutrition…I figure as long as I can get enough calories in, I can supplement for any deficiencies. As far as the parties go…I live on South Beach, in Miami, Florida…I think I can handle the parties.

Thanks for the support though.

Tri, what carrier are you stationed on?

USS Carl Vinson out of Washington State. Many of us also supplement our diets by stacking up on tuna. That stuff keeps forever.

I’d take methoxy-7 for the whole 6 months…