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hi guys!
i have in possesion 2 bottles of trenbolone acetate and a bottle of enanthate. long story short i bought it for a freind long ago but he never claimed it (1 year ago) hence i d decided to use it myself. about me, im 186 lbs, 5'7" tall, 4+ years of training 25 y/o. I ran a cycle about 1 year and a half ago of testosterone mix (cyp, enanth and prop i believe). after this time and having a cycle on hand i thought about starting one myself (would be my second). after some research i have considered buying a test propionate and running tren at 50mg EOD for at least a week to see how i react and 50mg prop also EOD (i decided to go around 1:1 since there is so much controversy about this on the internet). after the first week id go 75mg tren and leave at 50mg prop for 225mg tren and 150mg/week prop. i plan to run this for 8 weeks. im not sure were to fit the enanthate. any suggestions? any other substaance to consider? thanks!


you would only use either the acetate or the enanthate. save the enanthate for a future cycle, don’t try to use it in this one.