Cycle Advice

I have used for about 2 years now. I am 5ft10 203 lbs in great shape. I do necessarily need them but as you know they are addicting. I am 28 and been training for 10 years. I am not a bb and just want to put on a few more lbs of leans mass. Maybe 215 and stay lean without the bloat.

I got up to 223 last cycle of test 600mg a week and tren same amount,

These are my goals:

Put on 10 12 lbs of leans mass; limit bloat and sides ESP sexual dysfunction with tren (Heard Caber is good)

My question is this. I have plenty of Test and Tren and EQ on hand. I dont want to over due it.

minimize sides and gain 10 12 with good libido so? How much test a week some advice?

Keep the tren or drop it? I could go with or without it DO NOT want tren dick again

Any advice helps thanks!

you’ve used for 2 years… and your questions indicate you haven’t got the slightest clue what you are doing…

this is disturbing

Ok I should have stated before I am not here for a bashing or a “you dont know shit” session. That is not what I came on here for. If you dont agree fine state other wise and your thoughts. So what constructive advice if any do you have? If you dont have any fine. I never claimed to be an expert.

a DA will help with “tren dick”. My last cycle was tren/test/mast and I felt a little drop in libido so I started on some prami and it fixes everything


Thank you for the advice. Excuse my ignorance what is DA? I heard Caber is good and similar to pRAMI? I am not sure how to get my hands on Prami.

On a second note as I mentioned my last cycle estrogen was a major issue.(prob my libido issue) Tren may not have been it at all but I want to take precaution. I am thinking a dex, .25 ED to control Estrogen. I plan to run 600mg test a week. I am not looking for that bloated look as I am 5ft 10 already 203. I got up to 223 too bulky, was strong as shit but looked like a box. Let me know your thought, again thanks for the reply!

for fuck’s sake…

DA = dopamine agonist… like caber or prami.

your “leanness” and “bloat” will depend on your diet and how well you control your estrogen.

Run the adex at a dose that you need and also a dopamine agonist if your gonna run tren

Ok thank you for the advice. So here is what my cycle will look like with acillaries.

Monday 200mg test e 100mg tren

wed same

fri same

may thro in some EQ not sure I know it has milder sides but I have it and dont wannw wate it

but basically 600 mg test and 300mg tren

will take .25mg a dex ED

1MG caber a week

If I need to adjust any of the ancillaries let me knoe

I also have some danazol anyone ever used this? Got it from the doc supposed to keep test from getting bound up, keeping your free T high

Thanks guys