Cycle Advice

hey looking for advice for this 3 month cycle! I am 5’6 185 pounds 8 percent body fat and its been 4 months since end of last cycle.

I am going to take:
Dianabol 5mg stacked with t400 for 4 weeks
Anadrol 50mg stacked with test cyp 4 weeks
Anavar 50mg stacked with cyp 4 weeks
ill be running hcg 150 iu daily this whole time
Nolvadex after cycle is finished 100 mg daily
and also ill be taking aboleo after cycle is finished daily

let me know what all you guys think open to all criticism so I can add and subtract from this cycle for optimal results

Sorry I mean dianabol 50 mg

it’s a bit heavy on the orals. I assume you meant 50mg dbol and not 5?

100mg of nolva a day is insania

Can you be more specific on the orals? Do you intend to use them all at the same time?
If so, I have no doubt that you will see results but at what price? anadrol is hard on the liver and dbol is next in line.

You only have one liver. My opinion is to choose between the tw and stick with it.
In fact, dbol is good for first few weeks then stop it and use var last few weeks.

Also, stick with the t-400 for the whole cycle, oR use cyp the whole cycle

Well I was thinking of takeing dianabol for 4 weeks and then stoping and extending the cycle with anadrol 50 so I won’t be takeing them both at the same time just one after another!

But good not I will be takeing milk thistle 3 times daily all at the same time

No AI?

What’s Aboleo?


50mg Caffeine
3mg Yohimbine
2.5mg albuterol
3mg Meridia
10mg Rhodesia
12.5mg DMAE
40mg Green Tea Extract

It’s suposto be best cutting drug out there exclusive to Canada. An underground lab in Canada invented it! You can only find it in canada.

run the hcg 250iu 2-3x per week no need for daily… other than that though looks pretty straight forward and a good bulking cycle