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Cycle Advice

Hey all! Trying to get my shit together for my next cycle. Im 35 5’11" 215lbs about 12-14% BF and this will be my 5th cycle, with all the previous being pretty basic. 1st was Test E for 12 weeks at 350/week with 50mg of winni inj ED for the last 6. Second was Sust 250 2x/wk with EQ 400/week for 15 wks with again winni inj 75/day for the last 6-8. 3rd was test e 500/wk, EQ 400/wk with a front and end load of prop for 3 wks each and winni inj for last 8 @ 75/day.

Last cycle was 18 weeker w/ Test E + primo thruout cycle, var 1st 6 weeks, winni tabs last 6, clen last 4 weeks, HCG last 3 weeks and arimidex .5 EOD and proviron 50mg/ day 8-18. All cycles included pct, Nolva for the first 3 and nolva, clomid for the last one, Recovered fine on all, no signs of gyno, etc.

Now, im looking into doing tren for this upcoming one and as always i read forums and try to do research as much as possible. Ive decided i want to to Tren A for about 6 weeks at 50mg EOD, reason being i have never fucked with it before and in case i dont like it or my body doesnt i can just stop with it being a shorter ester. I want to include this in another 18-20 week cycle which im thinking:
1-18/20 - Test E 250 or Sust 300 2x/week (if Test E frontload with prop, if Sust 150mg EOD
1-18/20 - EQ 300 2x/week Might just do 500 mg/week

That will be the basis of my cycle. I want to throw Tren in there and i know most people will say stick with the same ester but like i said i always like to do things safe until i know how my body reacts. So when would be the best time to throw it in there? Beginning, middle or end?? I have been reading a bunch of mixed reviews so i decided to start my own post and see what kind of feedback i can get.

I also have Var, winni, adex and proviron on hand. will prob do var the last 8 weeks at 60mg/day. Is proviron and adex together overkill? would i be just fine with the Proviron? My PCT will be 100mg clomid for 1st 3days then 50 ed from then on for 4 wweks, accompanied by Nolva 40/30/20/20/10 (5 weeks for a longer cycle.

I have also been reading that its good to have your test dose lower when on tren? Can someone elaborate along with prolactin issues??? Also, i will be incorporating HCG while on cycle due to the research i have been doing. and…is tren A even a good idea to throw into this kind of cycle. I can always to a shorter one with Prop?? Im open to any suggestion as my resources are for the most part unlimited. Thanks in advance for your comments.