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Cycle Advice


I have gotten my hands on some Equiplex 200, Methanoplex 10, and Testaplex 250. Since I am pretty green at this and have done only one previous cycle (Sust 250 and Dbol,) I was hoping someone of experience might give some advice to a novice like me. Should I stagger them or start them all at once? Also dosages? And what would be a good PCT to go along?

Any help would be appreciated greatly.


you serioiusly are going to ask all this doing no research on your own and expect us to spoon feed you? oh wait you just joined sorry, read the stickies at the top and come back with soem sort of plan of attack THEN we will help you


Look dude, everyone has to start somewhere, so can the self righteous B.S. I have researched it extensively, but there are different opinions and I want to get it right. I mean what the hell is the forum for if we can't share ideas and experiences?


How about you propose a few cycle ideas or opinions? People may be more willing to respond to you if you show you have done your homework.

Also. . . taking a shot at a good guy like Game (who has contributed quite a bit to this site), will get you nowhere.

Approach with a bit of humility, and you may get some help.



You may have done your research but it is clear that you haven't been reading around this forum much. At least twice a week someone comes in with a list of drugs and asks what the best way to use them is. There are loadssss of different ways to organize a cycle. The reason there are different opinions is because there are different protocols for different contexts (short cycles, long cycles, contest prep etc.) Come up with something that suits your goals and we can work with it from there. Ok DUDEE????


check that. i'm canning :wink: