Cycle Advice Whilst a Little Overweight

Hi All,

I am currently carrying a little extra weight. I know the general advice is to be lean when starting a cycle.

This will be my 4th cycle in the last 5 years.

I was thinking 30dbol 4 weeks, 600ml test 250 deca week for 12 weeks. .25 adex e3d . obviously stopping dec 2 weeks before test stops. then 2 weeks off and standard pct.

Now here is where you guys slate me.

I was thinking first 4 weeks dropping my cals to 2000 and keeping protein about 200 so that i can lose 3/4 of a stone of fat, and try limit loss of muscle, Then ramp the clean calories up to between 3000 and 4000 for the remaining 8 weeks. I just don’t want to wait to start the cycle as i need the gear finished mid august. normally i would drop the weight first.

I have always been against usage whilst being over weight but reckon it would assist in dropping a little initially.

Has the current climate sent me loopy? Advice please? I may even drop the deca this cycle due to the additional fat i am carrying.

Looking forward to your replies.


A better plan for your goals:

Weeks 1-4
Test 600mg
Deca 250mg

Focus on fat loss; you will lose very very little muscle over four weeks if you’re training, eating clean, and starting a cycle.

Weeks 4-14
Test 600mg
Deca 250mg

Weeks 12-16
Dbol 30mg
Test 600mg

Pct starting week 19. The issue is that 12 weeks of deca isn’t long enough to be worth the hassle, so extending it at least two more weeks is in your best interest. The first few weeks of a longer ester cycle don’t offer a huge benefit from an anabolism standpoint, so starting off with a small calorie deficit isn’t a bad idea. And shifting the dbol from the beginning to the end will change your life. I wrote a whole long post about it and if you’re interested you can probably track it down.

Iron…you’ve helped me before, you know your stuff. Check out my post about AI on 2nd cycle of test and let me know. Thanks man

Thanks for the advice, I will certainly consider this option. Can you post a link to your information you mentioned please. Would make a good read and other people’s opinions regarding it too…

Also anyone else have an opinion, Do’s or don’t

Much appreciated