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Cycle Advice, What To Add?

1-4 40mg Dbol ED
1-6 50mg Mesterolone ED
1-14 600mg Test E EW
1-14 500mg Decajet D EW

What else can I add towards the end of the cycle? I was thinking about 50mg of winny ED for weeks 6-14.

PCT is in check

This is essentially a Test, Deca and dbol cycle - you should add no further anabolics, but think about adding something to control the prolactin and estrogen which will be significant with this cycle.

The cycle is too long for my taste and you will not get 14 weeks of results from it. It would be much more productive to run two separate cycles for just 6-8 weeks - rather than one long one for 14-16.

IME you will not get much more from Deca at 500mg than you would at 300. It is a very good anabolic (when prolactin is controlled) but the (sexual) sides rise vastly when increased above 300mg/wk - whereas the gains do not.

If you applied these points to the cycle, you will have a very productive and side effect controlled cycle - you do not at this point :wink: