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Cycle Advice: Test Susp 25mg & Sustanon 250


Dear Folks

I had made up this original plan for my second test cycle:

Weeks 1 to 12 250mg Test Enanthate E3D
Weeks 13 to 19 100mg Test Enanthate EW dose @ twice a week
Weeks 20 to 24 80/60/40/20/20 mgs Test Enanthate EW

Weeks 1 to 12 Arimidex .25mg - .5mg E3D-E2D
Weeks 22-26 Nolvadex 20mg ED
Day 1 Post Cycle (week 22): Clomid @ 300mg
Days 2-15: Clomid @ 100mg ED

unfortunately, i'm in UAE & couldn't land up with the above stuff.
this is what i have now:

Aquaviron (Testaviron) 25mg. 12 amps.
Sustanon 250. 10 amps.
I've got access to Nolva 10mg., Clomid 50mg., Femara [i guess that's 2.5mg :(...]

Elder Bro's please help me plan a Gain cycle with this stuff which can follow the Taper
protocol (if at all it's possible!)

  • Thanks in advance dears
  • Geoff E.


Thats not a lot of stuff at all. I would just not start till you can get more shit.


U've actually echoed my thoughts! and this stuff was damn expensive as well...should look around ordering from the internet! wish i was in india!!!
And i'm simply unable to put together the Sust & Test Susp (just 25mg USP) into any logical order :frowning:


Since you have suspension, I would save all this shit and stock up for a good cycle. Use your suspension before big workouts. 50mg an hour before.


Since you have suspension, I would save all this shit and stock up for a good cycle. Use your suspension before big workouts. 50mg an hour before.


Hello Brothers
got another 10amps of Sust250
so looks like i'll be good to start off a 8wk cycle at 500mg a week
i read around all i could about Sust...the general idea seems to be running it twice a week (dosed at 250) or EOD (dosed at 125)
1. does it make a big difference if i run it twice a week? of course the roid calc shows much better stability at EOD.

  1. also how to design the statis & taper using Sust? evrybody favours TestE or C examples...has anybody run the stasis & taper on Sust250?

  2. for AI i've got Femara which i plan to run at .25mg E3D or so. Does that seem ok?
    thanks again for all your PMs.i don't mean to b rude but wanted to try getting it locally before using mail. this is a weird place to b caught by d law :frowning:


1) EOD at least... the general idea is not twice a week

2) It seems to me the mult-ester would mess with the taper somewhat..but perhaps if you are getting the same amount of test per week during the taper it would be ok.

3)if you are using mail to get it as a research chem, its sort of a gray area...
Don't do it "E3d or so"... Every day or EOD is easier. .25mg EOD would be good to start, adjust as needed.

You should get a serm for PCT.. even a typical taper isn't as good as SERM or SERM with a taper from those I know who have tried all 3 ways (SERM, SERM+taper, taper)... I personally do not come off, so I can't offer a personal opinion lol


nolva & clomid for PCT is in d plan. that was easily available at local pharmacy. so it's certainly going to be SERM+taper. let me use Roid calc and compare a Test E stasis+taper and try matching it up using Sust. I'll post it later for your check.

The dudes here have this whole thing about just running some HCG as PCT.
I had a word with the guy who gave me this last batch of Sust. He's been into competitive circles and stuff. The bugger told me just run Sust250 twice a week and for PCT run Pregnyl. I told him my plan to run Nolva & Clomid and he's correcting me Nolva is just for nipple swelling!!!
So i was wondering the whole time what this wonder drug Pregnyl is all about. Googled it to find HCG!!! lol

Also i was wondering why nobody else advises on my posts! Am i doing something wrong in the posting?

bye 4 now...


Hey bud,
Do not run HCG as a pct drug. It jacks up your leydig cells and makes it much harder to get your natural gonads going when you stop the HCG. Use it while you are "on" to keep the nads from totally shutting down. Since you aren't going to be in a prolonged state of suppression ( I believe you said an 8 wk cycle plus however long the half life of your gear) I would use 250mg iu 2x el. And what is the test dosages of your sus? They seem to vary based on manufacturer.

For example I am "on" a sus blend now called Pentadex 300 made by Sciroxx. It has 5 esthers, test c, test e, test p, test phenyl p and d test. I absolutely love it with the test c and e combo. But its a pain in the ass keeping track of half lives. I frontloaded a gram then I inject mon 1ml, wed .8ml, fri 1.2ml. I do the 1.2 on fri because I don't inject over the weekend and the t p and t pp have those short half lives so I push a little extra to stay stable over the weekend. I'm also using it with EQ 400mg p/wk. I am stoked on my results so far. It is just going to be a lot of work to run the sus on a taper protocal. Try to get your hands on whatever long esthered test is in your sus and it should make life a lot easier bro. Goodluck!


I'm not going to run HCG PCT...lol...i was only quoting the guys who sold me d gear...:slightly_smiling:
From all I've read around a 4-6 week stasis followed by PCT should be good enough with Sust250.
I've attached d plan using Roid Calc and adding up AI & PCT to it. See how u feel about it...
Meanwhile I'm waiting for my blood work to come in before i start off.


this is d plan:

week 1-8 125mg Sust EOD
week 9-12 25mg Sust EOD
week 1-9 AI (Femara .25mg) EOD or so
week 13-16 Nolva 40/30/20/20
week 13-14 Clomid 100

Running taper with Sust seems to be an impossible thing to do. Let me know how u feel about this cycle.



Hello dears,
Did my first 1ml of Sust250 on 3rd evening...right quad...4th was a painful day...limping around :frowning: couple of massages and warmup on the Leg Extension helped a bit.
5th evening took .5ml in the left quad...the pain is a bit less but deep enough...
also the site feels a bit stiff till the pain dies away.
The next 2 IMs need to be in the glutes...
Has anybody used Thrombophob gel to ease local injection pain? I remember my Mom using it after taking off I.V.s when hospitalized...
I used Deca in my glutes before; don't remember it being so painful!
Any thoughts on this folks?

Take Care...
Train smart :slight_smile: