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Cycle Advice - Test/Mast/Var and PCT


Hi guys,

I am 34, working out since i was 15.

Started roids on age of 32 having no clue and left my self to the experts for guidance. Big mistake.

I have done around 5 cycles with lots of compounds moved from 87kg to 104kg -current weight- with good muscle mass and fat around 25%.

My main issue is pct. I don’t think i ever done the right pct so every time i end my cycle sex drive is extremely low, libido is non to zero, i gain fat on belly fast signs that my test is really low and my blood tests confirm that.

My general pct was hcg for 2 weeks 1500iu e3d and after that provi/nolva or clomid/nolva. I have also developed a sensibility on my left nipple, so when i push it inside it hearts.

I am trying to educate myself by reading but still it’s a trial error procedure and at the same time i try to correct the mistakes from previous cycles.

This cycle is a 12 week cycle and just to be safe i choose moderate dosages.

Week 1-12: Test prop , 1ML every monday and thursday
Week 1-12: Masteron, 1ML every monday and thursday
Week 1-4: var @ 30mg

Adex: 0.5mg eod.
caber: 0.25mg every 4 days.

Want to run hcg, but i cannot do 250iu 2 times a week. I can only do 500IU or 1000 IU once a week or 2 weeks, or 1500iu every 15 days. What do you think ?

PCT: 3days after last prop injection,

clomid 50/50/50/50
nolva 20/20/20/20

Purpose of this cycle is to burn fat and retain muscle mass while minimize the sensitivity on my left nipple and have a good pct so i do not have again low testo after my cycle.

Please let me know of your thoughts.



Have you ever thought about cruising between cycles on something like Test E? Your test levels won’t drop off. I drop to 250mg of Test E and move my Adex to twice a week instead of every other day when I’m between cycles. Maybe that is an option for you so you don’t hit bottom with test levels.