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Cycle Advice Test E, DBol, Tbol

Hi all.

First post here. Looking to run my 5th cycle. 26 y.o 185 lbs 5"9. I’ve ran dbol test and var in the past (kickstarted with dbol for 4 weeks then finished off with 6 weeks of var running 500 mg test along with it all). Now I’m thinking of running the same cycle just with tbol at the end. PCT in place (clomid + nolva) and have AI on hand for estro control

Cycle planned as follows:
Test E Weeks1-14 (500mg Per week)
Dbol 1-4 (40 mg per day)
Tbol 10-16 (60 mg per day)

Anyone ever run anything similar to this? I liked var but I’ve only heard great things about tbol. Main goal is to add some more size to the frame so not really too concerned with low bf ( I’m 10% to begin with so decently lean already).

Will be doing bloods before, at 4 weeks at 10 weeks and then after cycle is complete to ensure liver and lipids are doing ok.

What can be expected with Tbol? From what I gathered, it’s somewhere in between anavar and dbol.

Any feedback/thoughts/advice is appreciated!

Thanks mates

Looks good, man. Keep an eye on BP with the tbol. I only lasted three days before the constant migraines made it unusable for me. But for others it’s often described as “dry dbol” which is interesting. It’s got a long track record of success so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Turinabol is good stuff. It’s considered a less toxic oral but I have reservations on how breaking the 17aa off of one molecule is less toxic vs the next. I choose to think and speak on it as a “less harsh on the system.”

I would say that a dry dbol is a good enough description. The dbol obviously will move the scale more but there is a large percentage of water in that weight. As far as which one gives you more lean mass gains in the end, I really couldn’t say. I think it’s a thing dependant on the person’s individual reaction to it and the other conditions like eating, training and where they are at with their own development.

If you have not read up on it I suggest you do. It has a unique history being that it was used for years if not decades by the east German Olympic teams. It is supposedly the only AAS with “actual” hard proof that there are lasting strength benefits even years after you stop using it. It’s also the only AAS with a HUGE amount of scientific data collected in regards to performance enhancement. Heck it might have more data collected period simply due to how long the east Germans got away with using it. Another odd ball thing about it is most of the charts that rate Androgenic to anabolic ratios of compounds usually rate tbol as having ZERO Androgenic traits, all anabolic. Yet if you look at the women from the East German Olympic teams you will have a hard time accepting that tbol has zero Androgenic traits.

It will definitely help you in regards to dry quality gains! It doesn’t aromatize so I think it is the only common compound in the testosterone family that can claim that.

I will say I do not like the idea of anyone (short of professional level) having two orals in a cycle but you are on your fifth cycle and there is a 6 week break after the kicker. I do like how you have the tbol timed to run it through the two weeks you are waiting to start PCT after your last shot. If I were to think about changing anything at all I would think about adjusting the tbol dose to be 40mgs a day for two weeks, then 60mgs and then 80mgs. 80 mgs does seem high but something like that where you ramp up the dose might be worth a thought.

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Thanks for the info gents.

I’ve ran 2 orals on a cycle before and haven’t had an issue (always minimum 6 weeks apart) I always make sure I check my liver enzymes throughout the cycle to make sure everything is in order.

Now I care: I was thinking of slowly ramping up the tbol to 60 (i.e. 40mg 2 weeks then 60mg for the rest). Assuming I feel good on 60 I would possibly run it up to 80.

I was also thinking of possibly ditching the dbol and then extending the Tbol for 8 weeks starting from day 1. Reason being is I’ve had BP issues in the past with dbol and I don’t want to tax my heart and kidneys more than needed.

Either way, I’ll keep you guys posted on what I do. Planning for a June 1st start