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Cycle Advice (Tbol and Progession)


I wanted some feedback on dosages and overall cycle layout. I am 32 years old, 6’, 190lbs, about 11% bf and have been lifting for 5 years and also work as a Certified Personal Trainer part-time outside of my regular office job. I eat clean about 85% of the time and my macros are roughly 35C/40P/25F. This will be my second cycle- first was just an 8 week run of Test Prop at 100mg EOD, .25mg Adex EOD, and PCT was Nolva at 40/40/20/20. I gained about 10lbs and kept 5lbs and am currently off and maintaining well.

This time around my goal is to recomp as well as to be smarter overall with my cycle as well as keep things moderately dosed so as to continue to learn how I respond to them as well as to be able to make slow progression of dosages from cycle to cycle as needed. This is my current cycle plan for the Spring. Goal is to gain another 5-8lbs of lean muscle and to hit 9-10%.

Weeks 1-10: 200mg Test Cypionate x2 a week (total of 400mg, pin Mon/Thurs)

Weeks 1-4: 40mg Tbol for 6 weeks OR 60mg Tbol for 4 weeks. - or somewhere in between. Really curious for feedback on this one. This will be my first experience with an oral steroid and I understand that Tbol’s results are highly dose dependent.

Weeks 7-12: 25-50mg Proviron - I have heard great things about this as a finisher, though I am leery about hair loss as I do have a high hairline but it hasn’t moved in quite some time. Did not experience any issues on first cycle, used Rogaine foam/Nizoral Shampoo once a week. I am not expecting major effects from it, but the libido increase and hardening effects are something that I would like to experience first hand. I plan to start with 25mg the first week, and see how it goes and ideally stay on it while I bridge into PCT

Weeks 1-4 (or 1-6): Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist -on cycle support as I will be using a methylated oral and would like to protect my liver/body as much as I can.

Weeks 1-16 (?) 12.5mg EOD Aromasin- I still have plenty of Adex (but I question its effectiveness as it is from N***G***), but I understand that I can use Aromasin and Nolvadex together during PCT and that Adex isn’t intended to be mixed. I have no desire to completely crush my estrogen.

PCT: Weeks 13-16:
Clomid: 50/50/25/25
Nolvadex: 40/40/20/20
Possibly DAA or Natty Test booster like Myokem Magnitropin or ISatori Isa-Test GF.

I have read some of the articles here describing PCT dosages and that some have suggested starting Nolva towards the end of the cycle to start to increase LH if HCH isn’t being used, so I am curious to get some feedback on this as well. I recovered quickly after my first cycle and am looking to keep cycle to 10 weeks in order to play it safe. If I was going longer and/or using higher dosages or more suppressive compounds, I would absolutely consider HCG, but I want to see how I recover without it with the addition of Clomid this time around. All part of the learning process!!!

Thanks for any thoughts or feedback!


no need to stack the SERMs together during PCT, otherwise looks fine. I’d run hCG while I was on, personally.