Cycle Advice. T/EQ/Tren

Hi, guys. New user here. I stumbled onto this site multiple times while researching my next cycle and thought I’d just make an account for advice.

Currently 34 y/o looking at my 3rd cycle. Currently 5’9” 198lbs 16%bf. aiming for 14%bf before I start.

Weeks 1-5
60mg anavar ED
250mg Test E E3.5D
300mg EQ E3.5D
2iu HGH ED
Aromasin 12.5 EOD or E3.5D.
Weeks 6-14
Tren A 50mg ED
Test E 250mg E3.5D
EQ 300mg E3.5D
HGH 4iu ED (2iu x2)
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD or E3.5D
Caber .5mg E3.5D

Nolva/Clomid PCT with HGH at 2iu daily.
HCG at 250iu twice a week at week 4+.

Never used Tren before so starting with Ace to test my tolerance. Have Pharma Caber on hand.

Looks pretty solid.

I would probably lower the aromasin dose that is a lot I would also probably start the caber at 0.25mg E3D

HCG is not a pct drug. Just take it out of this equation all together as well as the clomid just use nolva 40/40/20/20

Oh and I would probably switch the anavar to the end of the cycle it will shine a lot better then

Zeek made quality comments. Only thing I can think to add is a question. Are you sure you are ready to run tren? It is the strongest common injectable we have in our tool chest. In this world we typically go up as we progress as in higher doses, more compounds, stronger compounds, ect… Using tren on your third run means your using that first time response pretty early in your development. When I say first time response I mean usually the first time we use a compound that will be our best response per mg used. There are a lot of other compounds out there to explore and in my opinion they should be explored before you go to tren. All that is coming from a guy who loves tren, I run it once a year like clock work. Just about everything else that I do is based on getting the most out of my tren cycle. It’s steroids on steroids so just think about long term goals before you fully commit and pin your first shot.

Also I just want to make sure, you have run both EQ and anavar before correct? You should always only add in one new compound at a time and that goes ten fold when using tren the first time.

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= zero need for 3+ grams of gear per week.

Read any 10 articles/run through programs off this site especially by guys like Wendler and Paul Carter and can get up to 220lbs on like a quarter of that

Where do you see him running 3 grams of gear a week?

His highest doses at the end puts him at around 1.5 grams/week and that’s not even considering that EQ really needs to be run at a minimum of 600mg a week so it’s not like he can half that dose and expect to get the benefits of EQ.

I actually think 5’9 200lbs 16% BF are very decent stats for a cycle like this if his training and diet are on par.

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yeah my bad actually, thought the ‘5D’ was 5 days a week