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Cycle Advice On 16 Weeker

doing 5th cycle
history: serious lifter going on five years. threw shot put and discus at asu for the past three years.

done a few blitz cycles nothing big just short 6weekers. over the past couple years. have keep almost all my gains and stay very fit year long. eat very clean. only vices are smokes and beers but very limited only weekends if at all. also smoke pot finds it keeps me very lean believe it or not.

all previous cycles consisted of either tren and prop or prop and winny and of course the first every cycle of dbol only what a waste that was. young and niave.
Been off the gear for almost 5 1/2 months now and feel the need to do a really intense one to take me the next level.

new cycle consists of:
weeks 1-16 prop 100mg eod
weeks 1-4 d-bol 30mg ed
weeks 5-12 winny 100mg eod
weeks 5-12 tren 75mg eod
weeks 13-16 halo 20-30 mg ed to finish

also throwing two clen cycles week 1-4 and weeks 8-12.

getting blood work done every for weeks also.

pct consists of days 1-15
.5mg to 1mg ldex ed
100 mg clomid ed
20-40 mg novla but proably just 20 mg ed
days 16-45
.5 mg to 1mg ldex ed
75 mg of clomid ed
20 mg novla ed
days 45- 65
.5 mg to 1mg ldex ed
20 mg novla ed
days 60 -80
.5mg ldex ed maybe eod

also Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male or RED KAT for a libido increase. ZMA of course. see no need for tribulas because i think it is a worthless product alone. and it gives me headaches.

also going to throw in some hcg in the begining of pct because of the long test and tren use and just cause of lenghth of cycle. will also run a couple cycles of clen during pct also.

*along with that Tren always makes me break out like no other. hate accutane so will never take again.
I heard high doses of b5 helps with zits but don’t know if its a myth. any advice would be appreciated.

my stats:
six foot 4
8.2 percent body fat
age 23

any help or advice would be appreciated.
thanks Reed

whats the point of eating clean if you dont live clean? so you eat clean, but you smoke, drink, and do drugs? You might as well eat bad too right? (i know im coming off like an asshole, but this makes me think you dont take your health seriously enough to cycle)

why the prop all 16 weeks, or are you only doing that because you have to pin anyway for the tren. you might get sick of pinning EOD for 16 weeks. but if you do def go with a small needle. Ben

You misunderstood what i was saying. I accsionally drink maybe once or twice a month. Yes I do smoke and yes i occasionally smoke pot. I don’t go out party and do drugs. Smoking pot helps me sleep and if you do a little research pot can actually have fat burning effects. Smoking is bad but what can you do. I am just being honest in my post. I personal don’t think I am the only serious weight lifter slash athlete here who doesn’t accasionally go out and drink and have a good time. From reviewing peoples post I think being honest is the best way to get help from people with more experiance than myself. I am just looking for advice like everyone else. I think you just took what I stated the wrong way like i go out and party every night and drink every day. thanks for the reply though. I was more looking for advice on my cycle and pct more than anything not to be judged for smoking cigarettes and occasionally having some beers. i appreciate your reply though thanks.

the 16 weeks is because i am going to be pinning anyway like you stated. I have become rather good at spreading out spot injections so that I don’t continue to hit the same spots. in the past i use 25 gauge for delts traps tris bis. and with my source the prop i get is almost pain free the whole time. injecting has never bothered me very much anyway. I like actually.