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Cycle Advice: NPP/Test Prop. 6' 6'' 250 Pounds


Hey everyone!

Looking for som input from you guys about a cycle,

This will be the third cycle for me, first of all before we start lets begin with stats>

6,6 ft

250 pounds

Bodyfat around 8/9 %

Age 28

Extensive traning background 10 plus years.

Previous cycles where, test and EQ and test with D-bol.

Diet is in check 6 solid meals per day with all the vitamins and essential fatty acids included plus wheyprotein and vitargo pre and post workout.

Looking to gain as little water and fat as possible , going to be running test prop and NPP, got Nolvadex and Arimidex aswell.

Now, what I would appericate advice on would be dosing schedule and what you would recommend for PCT? I have everything avalible to me, Hcg, clomid etc..

What I want to get out of this cycle is a couple of pounds of lean musclemass, a reduction in bodyfat and hopefully a little help with joint issues , going to be doing lots of rehab during the cycle.

I apoligize in advance for my spelling errors and thank you all for any advice you could give. It is greatly appericated!

Thank you all for an amazing website!