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Cycle Advice Needed

Hey guys,

Going to do my first cycle and could use some advice. First the facts: I’m 36, 5’9" 200. 18 1/2" arms flexed and a 32" waist. Good back and leg development and I do 30 mins of med intensity cardio daily. I eat extremely healthy and consume 1 gram of protein per bodyweight.

I take cell mass, protein powder, no xplode, and an ECA stack. I’ve been lifting consistently for 20 years (since soph yr in high school) and am fairly strong.

I’ve done tons of reading (love this stuff) and would appreciate some advice. I would like to put on 10-15 pounds and cut up. I’ve read on meso rx that all I need is 400 mg /wk of Primobolan Depot.

What do I need to do? primo, deca, winstrol, sust, anavar? I need to know daily/weekly dosages, should I just do all injectable stuff and how long do I go on, then off. PCT? Again, I have not used before. Thanks.

Read some more… cause the primo as a stand alone is not going to get you 15lbs more and cut. About the only stand alone product with a chance to do that is Tren. Its often easier to focus on either gaining or cutting rather than trying to both concurrently.

ok, that makes sense. Any suggestions for cutting? Thanks for responding.

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