Cycle Advice Needed

Hello everyone.

I have just started a cycle of Test C 500mg a wk, and EQ 600mg a Wk. I have just completd my first week of injections and so far everything is good. I am also running Adex at .5mg eod in this 8 week cycle. My question is if it would be ok to add Tren Ace or Masteron during this cycle starting on week 2. I have both compounds on hand, and I would really like to add one of them in order to gain more quality mass. The last cycle a ran consisted of Test E 600mg a week for 10 weeks,Dbol 35Mg a day for 6 weeks. I also used Adex at .25mg eod on this cylce, but I gained to much water on this cycle and want to avoid that this time around.

I have all ancillaries needed during and after cycle including Nolvdadex, Clomid and Hcg.
I Know I will run the Nolva at 20mg a day during pct for about 6 weeks, but not sure if I will use Hcg during or after the cycle. I am a little confused on this subject due to so much information on using hcg during and after a cycle.

The last Pct I did consisted of nolva at 20mg a day for three weeks. I had lost my sex drive the third day of nolva which was very rough, but came back a little better the second week of pct. I really want to avoid this pct crash I had last time, so I would love to hear some suggestions of a better pct with what I have.

I am looking to gain around 10 pounds of quality mass and focusing on not retaining so much water this time. My diet is going to be based around 3200 to 3600 calories a day with low to moderate carb intake. Planning on refeeding with carbs on weekends.

Any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated.


Tren or masteron will both help for quality mass.

For me masteron reduces the amount of water I hold but with you using adex already I dont think you will notice anything from masteron in that department. Both of then will help you look harder/leaner and both of them increase aggression/irritability substantially (Masteron and stanazol really make me snappable).

I believe without the dbol in this cycle you will hold A LOT less water, maybe half but it depends on your body and diet.

10 lb gains with your cycle with low carbs, long esters and particularly eq taking such a long time to kick in may be hard to achieve in 8 weeks.

After pct once the water is lost but it depens on how advanced you are. You will probably see good gains weeks 5-9 of your cycle. Did you frontload?

Tren will give you more sides, better muscle/strength gains and will start to work a bit faster.

Masteron will give you a safer cycle less muscle/strength gains than tren and possibly a little less water.

How many times do you inject? Do you know both of these compounds work better ED injects (especially tren)?

If it were me and running a 8 weeker with eq and I didnt frontload and I was one week in…

Id frontload now!

Thank you smith for sharing your experiences with masteron. I am aware that Tren ace and Mast prop work better if injected daily. I have decided on using the Tren along with the Test and eq. Are you suggesting front loading the eq only? So far this week I have injected the eq at 200mg eod in order to get blood levels of the compound up quicker. I plan on injecting 50mg of Tren first thing in the morning along with a shot of Test. I waited a week on starting the Tren in order to have my Test levels up before using a 19nor. I want to avoid any sexual disfunction the Tren could cause.

Currently I am 186lbs at 12-13% Bf at 5’10. I am training five days a week and I am also doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 3 days a week.

No Problems.

:slight_smile: im on a test, tren, eq cycle at the moment, my favourite.

Well eod wont help get the blood levels up any quicker for anything especially eq…the ester is so long it will probably take 5 weeks to build up 50% of the dose your taking in your blood no joke (but dont quote me im guessing)

Check out u can punch in your doses and it will calculate released/astive steroid and youll see what I mean.

the test will take probably 3 weeks to build up 50% in the blood (just a guess again).

I say frontload test and eq asap.

But be warned youll bloat acutely from all the estro of high dose frontloads which goes down a bit a week later or so.

If you dont, youll likely start to feel the eq good at the end of your cycle only

Good advice from smith…

If you don’t frontload the EQ you most likely wont feel it in just an 8 week cycle. I just wrapped up a cycle with EQ and honestly didn’t notice the effects until around week 11.

I didn’t frontload it btw