Cycle Advice/Mild Cycle/Motocross Racer

So i decided to get back racing motocross and kind of work in bodybuilding with mx this season. I know i wont put on alot of bulk due to the conditioning it takes for racing but i think i can achieve good results on planned cycle (ripped like a greek god) ill be running this starting march/april.

1-5 Winstrol 30mg ed
1-15 EQ 600mg/wk
1-15 Test E 250mg/wk

Ill be training 3-4 days per week in the gym and riding on my non training days.

I know in another thread i outlined a much more intense cycle but at that time i hadnt decided to race mx this year and no way does moto and anadrol go together lol. Any input is appreciated

Most get joint pain from winstrol, I cant imagine that would go good with motocross.

I would also recommend Masteron over EQ. It is a great strength builder and will not blow you up. It is probably a better cutting steroid. EQ probably wont blow you up either but most do report intense hunger cravings on EQ which would blow you up.

What is your cycle history?

Age? Stats?

Yeah that was my reasoning behind only 30mg of winny, i looked around on forums and some endurance athletes were using 20mg on training days and not having any issues and also i will be starting this cycle at the beginning of march and wont be riding my bike till mid april so i would be off it anyway. Its just little kicker for the eq. My reasoning for EQ is most guys say no less than 14 weeks to feel the real effects of eq, i want to be on cycle for 15 weeks anyway so its a good time to test how i feel about eq plus i already have it… and i love the idea of an increased appitite. I already struggle to eat my macros every day and my summers are very physical so i need all the food i can cram in. EQ also raises RBC and have heard good things about it increasing cardio capacity. I wanted to run a very mild cycle that will produce quality lean muscle mass and give me that vascularity. Im going to be 9% bf minimum when i start this cycle so i think it will go well. Im 24 in 3 weeks.

Cycle histrory: ive ran two 8 week cycles of test prop at 525mg/wk with dbol at 30mg for 4 weeks with 250iu hcg 2x wk and 1mg adex eod. Clomid pct 50/50/50/25

Nobody? Doses? To long? To short? Other options for an oral? Tbol perhaps?

Cycle looks good tbh.

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Good to know. Thanks. Ill be going 16 weeks instead of 15 and maybe i could do 6 weeks of mast prop at 400/week at the end? Thoughts? Would it pay to add the masteron? Im pretty sure i even have enough stashed away