Cycle Advice - It's My Fifth

I’m looking to do the following for my 5th cycle:

test e: 750mg/wk wks 1-12
tren ace: 350mg/wk wks 1-6
mast: 350mg/wk wks 1-12
hcg: 250 iu eod wks 1-12
aromasin: 10mg/day wks 1-14

will be following a test taper protocol

Might considder doing a kickstart with dbol for weeks 1 through 4.

5’11"260 (have lost 10 pounds since last cycle), 37 years old, lifting for 22 years, train 4days a week, do bjj/mma the other 3 days.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Got some question for ya to narrow it down to a pinpoint for you:
What are your training goals and desired outcome of the cycle? Have you used tren before? If you did, what dose of test did you run alongside it. Do you compete in bjj/mma? What did your previous cycles consist of? How was the mma stuff on previous cycles?

Well, I’m primarily interested in strength increases. I don’t really want to get any heavier than 275.

I have used tren once before. I used 37.5mg/day for 6 weeks. The sides were a little rough, but tolerable. I ran 500mg of test per week.

I do some grappling tournaments, but nothing serious. It’s more a hobby than anything else, but I’d like to still compete in grappling tournaments.

My last cycle was 750mg sust and 350 mg of deca for 12 weeks. I got pretty good results from it, but not quite the strength gains I was hoping to achieve.

Tren is in a league of its own for unparalleled strength gains. However, with the amount of conditioning required for mma all the strength in the world does not help you if you run out of air/gas. Myself and countless others have found that by limiting test to around 200mg/wk you can greatly reduce most of the imfamous tren sides. Mast is the perfect third compound as well as it won’t get you bulky but will assist with leanness and strength provided you have the commensurate diet and training to facilitate it.

So basically, I’d drop your test down to 200-250mg and you should be without significant aerobic penalty for your mma stuff. Everything else is great. Those 3 are often called the trifecta for a reason, they flat out work together fabulously.

Do the Mast and Tren Ace doasges seem reasonable to you? What about using an oral kickstart?

Yeah 50mg ED aka 350mg/wk is a decent starting point. Some people cannot take a lot of tren. Some people cannot take a lot of mast. If you are new to either compound and/or are running the concurrently for the first time you wanna walk before you run. Using an oral is fine. There is nothing to kickstart however, tren ace hits in days as does mast prop


should I start all 3 compounds on week 1? was thinking of starting the tren ace at week 3.