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Cycle Advice, HCG Dose?

Bout to start on a new cycle. Planning on 500 test E a week with Deca 400 a week. I have 10000 ius of HCG on hand just need advice on how to dose it out should I use it the same pin days as my aas substance? Would 300 ius a pin be enough? Also have liquid armiridex on hand just in case of any sides should I go ahead and start it with my cycle as well. Any help will be appreciated. Also have nolvadex and clomid for pct. Cycle will be 10 weeks of deca 12 weeks of test E.

Go into the Pharma forum category, click on the first one on the list: About the Pharma Category. This contains multiple stickied threads which answer all of your questions. Read through those, then if you still have questions on something not covered come back and start again.

Don’t use the same pins. HCG is water based and the rest are oil based. HCG can be dosed with the small diabetic needles like easy touch. This is done sub q normally in the belly fat near the navel.

Yes you can do it on the same days as your AAS to make it easier to remember. 250 iu 2x/wk should be sufficent to keep your boys in the game.