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Cycle Advice for "Summer"

Would like advice on the following cycle … 300 mgs of test cip 3xa week 300mgs of EQ 3xa week 200mgs of primo ED , 100mgs of masteron ED, 50 mgs of proviron ED and possibly 50 to 100 T3 ED . Thanks appreciate any feedback

That’s a fucking lot of gear. What’s your goal with the cycle? How big are you that you need that much?

900mg test/week
900mg EQ/week
1400mg Primo/week
700mg Mast/week
350mg Proviron/week
And maybe T3 on top of that?

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At this point maybe about 240 , older “ bodybuilder “ have been in the game for well over 20 years. So just some background, ran almost an identical cycle last year from say March to August. Got bloodwork done in maybe mid to late September and everything was GREAT !!! Doctor was very impressed with my labs, and the doc is a specialist in working with bodybuilders and athletes. Now also realize I do cardio everyday , gallon of water a day and eat very clean almost year round. Doc said this is why my bloods were so good , also very diligent with vitamins , c , d , multi, c10 , fish oil , non smoker and non drinker. Just wondering what guys think about that cycle, and no BULLSHIT I am talking straight… but always willing to listen and learn, can always learn something new …

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If you run this cycle, how big will you get? How much will you hold onto after? IMO, if you will just blow up, then lose it over time, I just don’t see why. Sure you will be huge, but you are stressing the heart doing so. For me at least, dwindling down to my start weight and condition would be a bit depressing. Different people have different goals though. I would perhaps run a big cycle for a purpose like stepping on stage, or doing a powerlifting out strongman meet. If it is just for looking good for summer, I would rely on diet to get a slightly smaller but jacked physique. That’s just me though.

All good points, like i said at this point I am 240 when I get in this cycle I will drop down to about 232 give or take , waist will drop to a 35 about 36 now . I never get the bloated look as I mentioned my diet is good year round , yes on weekends I eat pizza and cake but only Saturday night and possibly Sunday night. At this stage in my life I have a lot of cycles under my belt, so if u keep 3 pounds after each cycle that is a good run . I am 50 and at this point most of my heavy training is behind me , I still lift “heavy” but not like years past . I had 2 EKG”s this year both came back great , also 3 shoulder surgery’s in 20 years so I am definitely “slowing down” and this time of year i up my carbs not by much , baked potatoes, white rice , then come spring cut back

So I don’t really get bigger , actually leaner , fuller harder muscle.

Why primo and mast?

To me they are very similar and don’t need both. Otherwise, looks fun!

That’s an absolute fuck ton of oil to pin…

Are you prepping for a comp/role or something?

U have a valid point this is why I am putting this out , want to get opinions and pick brains, u r never to old to learn something new. At my age Winny is out , to much in the joints and as far as anavar , I absolutely can not handle orals , they crush me!!! So seems like masteron was a good fit… advice???

It is but the big shots are broken down to 3 x a week , the primo and Masteron ED into delts…

No just enjoy getting into shape , absolutely no show , never competed and have no plans on ever doing one

You’re taking damn near IFBB pro dosages of gear. Can’t tell if you’re serious. You aren’t willing to take winny? But you can take all this? These are “dead in ten years” level dosages.

I am being absolutely serious, the reason I won’t do winny is because it dries the joints out

And ur average “pro” and even ur local gym “ guy “ that compete”s can and will average 2,000 mgs of test at least 3x a week . And that is just test , add in the others and it will absolutely floor u!!! A pro will spend upwards of 20,000$ on a cycle , that is the high side

This is absolutely not true. 6000mg test/wk isn’t the standard

We had a few strongmen/competitive BB’s on here and even they weren’t using quite that much. I’ve used anabolics, yet I’ve never gone above 500mg/wk.

Look at the medical literature regarding cyclic dosages, “recreational dosing” typically encompasses 500-1500mg/wk, sometimes 2g… Not 6g+. You see cardiac abnormalities developing in avg doses of 5-700mg/wk over the timeframe of around a decade of cumulative use.

The IFBB pros DO use those absurd amounts, but you aren’t an IFBB pro.

I don’t personally know a SINGLE steroid user dosing that high either.

Come on, someone else has to weigh in here. @blshaw @iron_yuppie @zeek1414 @Singhbuilder @studhammer (thinking of those who have dosed relatively high)

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@unreal24278 I’ve been in the game a longish time… about 20 years. I’ve never seen or heard of this personally. I’ve seen guys pinning 1000mg of test a week but that’s pretty close to the peak. I don’t know any ‘pros’ and imagine they use more. The hardcore gym guys around me though don’t use near that much gear. Now if you combine all drugs in a cycle you can hit 1500mg-2000mg/wk for advance users.

These strong men and pro BB on here did they tell u who they were , for all anyone knows I can say I am a pro and this is what I use. I know guys who dose 300 a week on therapy, as per a doctors order. And I hate to say this again but yes that is the average dose for a true “ pro” . I assume u would also argue a “ pro” only does at most 5 iu” s of growth a day?? Well that would not be correct, try someplace in the area of 20 iu”s a day . As I said earlier I had the “pleasure “ of training with a legit Pro for years , placed in top 5 in past Olympia”s won Mr universe when that was a show amongst other top shows. And he filled me in on more then a few things. I would assume u know a lot of top guys then and now would use coke to lean them out?? Trust me the things and dosage these guys did to get to the top u would not believe… ask me about the top level amateur who I trained with in the mid 90”s and how he got his cash for his cycle… just use ur imagination

Actually yes, one prominent strongman on here was open about his identity.

Yes, through various schlocky clinics you can get 600mg/test/wk as “testosterone replacement”. I could probably also get the right doctor to prescribe me Xanax or oxycodone without a valid medicinal requirement if I ‘shopped around’. This isn’t a great analogy though as I at times have medicinal requriements for both opiate based painkillers and benzodiazepines, I have scripts filled appropriately/accordingly.

Yes, this does occur. And some pro’s use 5g test (+ grams of other shit) per week. Once again, you aren’t a pro. You probably haven’t hit the genetic lottery (i.e ability to abuse your body to no end) and even then current pro’s are dropping like flies,

I actually did know this, I’ve also heard of bodybuilders smoking cigarettes to stunt appetite and powerlifters/strongmen railing lines of amphetamines to amp themselves up before meets. Just because someone does something doesn’t mean you ought to replicate this type of behaviour. There is a happy medium to hedonism/self destructive habits, and going flat out in hopes you get away with it (Ozzy Osbourne style) is HIGHLY unlikely to end well.

This pro you’ve trained with, has he ever had an echocardiogram conducted? A plaque score???

Probably gay porn right? I’m not oblivious to these things/I’ve been around the block before. What’s more, just because you see people doing X,Y or Z doesn’t mean you have to replicate certain behaviours. I’d suggest looking into the cardiovascular risks associated with this type of use, if you still decide it’s worth it then knock yourself out/go ham. Though I’d recommend doing so under the guidance of a knowledgable physician.

My point being a legit pro will never come on here and tell u his “secrets” Believe me he would be done in the body building world … remember Vic Martinaz (excuse my spelling) my training partner told me flat out the powers that be do not want him as an Olympia champ , because of his certain troubles. This is why Jay Cutler was the camp for as long as he was . THEY felt he was a better representative of bodybuilding . No legal trouble, decent looking wholesome guy , and stayed out of trouble