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Cycle Advice for Meet in 14 Weeks

I have a power meet coming in 14 weeks and wanted to start my cycle soon. The gear I have is tri Tren, test 450, deca, anadrol, dbol, halo, anastrozole, and caber. I’m currently cruising with test @200 weekly. I wanted to blast for 10 weeks before the meet. I want to hear how your guys cycle would be like if you had the same gear …as to what mgs you would run of each/week and when to throw in AI and caber or even if I should. I currently don’t have insurance to get my blood work done. Yes I’m familiar with what I have and I’ve done about 8 cycles before hand but never Tren and never caber and never halo…just trying to get knowledged more on how you guys would run it…THANK YOU

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Some good info in here regarding tri tren for a first timer.

@BOTSLAYER might know about halo and some other stuff

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Or do you guys think I should just wait untill I get my insurance back so I can run lab test while on… has anyone done a cycle w/out blood tests or is there any like at home blood tests I can get?! Thanks guys

The concern here is the tren, specifically the blend you have. If you’d used tren before then this wouldn’t be an issue. But the problem is these blends have long esters. If you and tren don’t get along then you’re looking at 2-3 weeks of misery while the longest ester clears. Now that’s not a long time over the course of one’s life, but if you’ve got a competition in 14 weeks then you need things to go smoothly. Imagine that at week four you just can’t take the tren sides anymore. Maybe you’re not sleeping well because of it and that’s impacting your gains. So after four weeks you ditch it. Now it’s week seven and you’re just starting to feel normal again. That’s half your cycle time that was just negatively impacted by the introduction of a new compound. You’ve shot yourself on the foot and you have to assume it’ll hurt your results. That’s the potential downside of using long esters.

Get tren ace. There are like a billion vendors that sell it and most will deliver to your door in four or five days. Use it at whatever dose you’ve decided and see how it goes. If it’s all fine then you can easily switch to the blend that you have on hand. Or you can save the blend for later and just use ace the whole way through. But no matter what your goal isn’t just size and strength, it’s to make side effect management as easy as possible. The less time you spend chasing down sides the more time you have to focus on diet and training. Based on your picture it’s obvious you know how to eat and train. So don’t make your life more complicated than it needs to be. Simplify your cycle and you’ll have a much easier time. That’s the most detailed advice I can give.


There are discount lab sites to get cheap bloodwork. You can also order home kits to check, but they’re $$$ compared to just going to labcorp.

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and LabCorp is $$$ compared to Quest.

I haven’t compared actually.

I was thinking like ZRT home test can be up to $300. To check TT, e2 and SHBG is $150. But discounted labs would run $90 (I think) to check all 3. Do they use Quest?

I think discounted labs prefers quest. Not sure though. I thought you had to pay extra for LabCorp. I am not confident in these answers. Just what I remember.

Yeah I haven’t used any of those in a while. But I got several of the ZRT home kits last year to check on my own and remember trying to compare pricing.

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I’ll try to answer some of your questions directly as to how I would do it.

I would run Tren Ace, pin everyday (yea it sucks but it keeps blood levels more stable) and wouldn’t run more than 1mg/lb of bodyweight. I think that is an excellent beginner dose to see you react and respond. It may not agree with you. I am a huge proponent of the “get the most using the least” approach.

As far as caber, I would run P5P at around 200 mg/day (It’s dirt cheap and it’s not an illegal substance and doesn’t carry NEARLY the side effect profile of caber). Depending on the study you read, P5P can be as effective as, if not more effective than, caber at keeping prolactin in check.

I have to agree with all of the others about staying away from tri-tren until you know how trenbolone affects you.

I have never used tren either, but my next blast, which will be my 5th, I plan to run tren ace @ 175mg/wk for 9 weeks, pinning ED and I will run 200-300 mg/day of P5P. And I’ll be running Test C @ 210 mg/wk for 9 weeks and oxandrolone 50 mg/day for 6 weeks.

Take what I say with a grain of salt, but from all of the reading and studying I have done, this is the best starting tren cycle I was able to come up with.

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Thanks, I’m Guna pick up some p5p and only keep have my caber on hand if need be then, and for my orals , Anapolon 4 weeks before the meet and halo last 2 weeks before meet ? Thoughts

How does one feel when their prolactin levels are elevated ? I’ve had a little lump behind the nipple in the past from test and dbol but What is the difference betweeen regular gyno and prolactin gyno how will I know the difference when starting Tren

For me, no libido, can’t keep it up, low energy and overall low mood.

Never had any lactating issues tho

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High Test, maybe start now at what ever your biggest test cycle was and at 10 weeks go to 120% of that.

For all cycles (including mine) Arimidex 0.5mg every 4 days and increase as needed.

Skip the tren, skip the Nandrolone. My personal experience with Nandrolone is it sucks. Adds water weight with little muscle or strength benefits. If you havent used Tren before just dont start.

Add an Oral 2-4 weeks out ~45 minutes pre workout. Personally I dont like Dbol, I get some strength out of it but then its just pure water weight. I dont think I have ever used legit Anadrol. Halo on the other hand is some legit shit but its pretty harsh side effect wise. Very few drugs alter my state of mind, that shit made me cranky AF. (Tren makes me like a pregnant woman stereotype, funny stuff actually) I would absolutely not use Dbol or Anadrol with a 19nor. That would be pretty much begging for Gyno and other sides. There is some debate as to whether Anadrol aromatizes or not but one way or another it absolutely has estrogen like sides so when added to 19nor is an exponential effect.

Personally I would start Test now at about 700mg per week and at 8 weeks bump it 1200mg. Add Halo 10mg pre workout at 3 weeks out.

If I were to use Tren: 700mg Test starting now and continue that dose through out. Add 500mg Tren Enanthate at 8 weeks out. Halo 10mg Preworkout at 3 weeks out. I have found 8 weeks to be the sweet spot with running tren for strength reasons.

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