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Cycle Advice for Lean Bulking?

Hello Guys,

I am 37 183 cm and 94 kg 18% BF lifting on and off since 15 years

Done one cycle when I was 23. It was not properly planned at all.

Now I planning to start one cycle what is well planned. So I would appreciate any input or opinion about my idea.

Week 1-12 Test E 500mg/w
Week 1-16 HCG 500IU/w
Week 1-14 Arimidex 0.25mg/EOD
Week 1-5 Liquid Dbol 50mg/ED( Planning to increase to 75mg from week 2)
Week 15-18 Clomid 100/50/50/50 ED
Week 15-18 Tamoximed 40/40/20/20 ED
Week 1 -15 Thermo lipid Stack start with 1ml/day and maybe up to 2 ml 5day on 2 off
it contains:
Clen 60mg /ml
T3 50mg /ml
Yohimbine hcl
7 keto hcl

The idea of thermo lipid is to increase body temperature so even above maintenance level calories I should be able to burn fat.

My goal is to lean bulk my died is LCHF I only consume high GI carbs before training and I have one carb up day on a weekend.

Training 4 days split routine and cardio on the weekend.

I really like to do a body recomp. Put my weight up 2-5 kg and reduce BF to around 8-10%

I would take the opportunity to ask about HCG administration. Is it muscular like the test or under skin or IV? I planning to mix it in bacteriostatic water, but no idea how to pin my self.

I also have Caber in hand should I implement it to take advantage of the good effects it can cause to our sexual life.
If so what would be the dose?
0.25mg a week would be sufficient?

I also taking Liquid cia 10mg daily and tonns of supps like l arginine, Vitamin D, and E, betaine, Green tea extract Creatine and N-Acetyl-Cysteine for liver protection.

Hmm… did I insult someone?