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Cycle Advice, First Injectable Cycle

Currently in my 4th week of running test e @600 mgs per week and my strength is through the roof have ran oral only cycles before but this is my first injectable cycle and I’m loving it!

Strength is through the roof beating all my pbs but I’m still lugging a good bit of body fat and am asking for advice for what I could add in for the second half of my cycle to help speed things up

Currently sitting at 91kg and will be running clomind 50mg for 4 weeks 2 weeks after my last pin

Want to make the most of this cycle so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Even if you don’t change diet and continue your body fat ratio should decrease

Mine decreased even though my weight did not decrease

The best thing you can add is tighten the diet up bro!

Yeah this is your first true cycle, stick to just test.
Now depending on how long you plan on running it there is nothing wrong with going on a diet the last few weeks right before PCT. You test levels should still be high enough to protect the muscle you gained.

The real key to changing your body fat long term is building lean muscle. Go look up how many calories a day a pound of fat burns then look up how many a pound of muscle burns. If you keep your diet clean and continue to build lean muscle then you will eventually get to the point where all that lean muscle burns so many calories that you body can’t store fat.