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Cycle Advice, EQ and Test Cyp

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here. I have been following your posts for years to get advice and have appreciated all of it. I am a competitive power lifter looking to compete in the 275s in December.
Current stats: 27 yo male, 273 pounds 17 % BF 4 prior cycles. I have ran two tren dominant cycles with 500-750 tren A weekly and 200-500 test. I had better results running tren at 750 and test at 200. Don’t want to run tren because it was too harsh on my anxiety. Also ran two npp dominant cycles the last one being 750 npp and 200 test with good results. Don’t want to run npp right now because of too much weight gain. I am on t replacement at 200 my a week. I am looking to start an EQ and test cycle starting at 1 gram EQ a week and 200 test a week. I am finishing a cut and will be at 265 within a month to give me room to make some gains before the competition. After ten weeks, I am thinking I will add in another 500 test cyp to make it a gram EQ and 700 cyp to help add in a bit of water and strength leading up to the competition. I’m looking to run the whole cycle for 20 weeks, ending EQ at week 15. Does anyone have any experience with EQ dominant cycles and if so, what do you think of this layout? Also, I am on trt like I said so I don’t need to worry about cycling off and I already take arimadex. Let me know your thoughts.

Just be aware that high levels of EQ can be bad for anxiety in some people. One guy can run 1000mgs of EQ with no neg’s, yet another might get anxiety from the same amount. You aren’t going to know until you try though. Also EQ takes its time to build up and stays in your system for a long time, so you might be going okay for the first month or so and then the anxiety might kick in.
Its a really good steroid if you can dial in the right amount for you.

Like most of these things dialling back the mg’s will reduce or fix neg side effects, its a matter of trial and error. Don’t fixate on the amount of mg per week. Focus on what gives you the results you want, without negative side effects. That sets the baseline for future cycles.

If you start to develop anxiety on cycle you could cut back on your mg’s of EQ and substitute test to make more mg’s, depending upon how you tolerate a high test cycle.

Thanks man I appreciate the input. I should have mentioned that I have also
ran test by itself at 750 and had a good cycle and felt great. Would you
recommend starting EQ lower at 600 then bumping it up if the sides are okay
after 6 weeks?

That sounds like a good idea.