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Cycle Advice after Previous Bad Experience


Hi guys,

I was hoping the wonderful community here would have the knowledge to help me out.

So about 6 months back I did my first cycle. It was a basic test-e cycle pinning twice a week. It was going good and I felt good. But after 3-4 weeks I stopped. Mainly because I got bad itchy nipples and I got really paranoid over it and gyno issues. I stopped and did my 4 week nolva and clomid PCT. After that I really felt like downstairs went working properly for months but I think that’s just me being a bit s paranoid maybe.

Now, I’m back to wanting to dabble in it again. This time again it will be test-e cycle pinning 1.3cc a week for 12 weeks. Alongside that I was thinking to run adex at 1mg E3D from week 1-12. Then do your standard PCT 40/40/20/20 of nolva and clomid for 4 weeks.

With my previous experience of test what does everyone think about this cycle? Do I need to add more in etc? I am slightly paranoid about downstairs not working properly, so should I take something to help with this like HCG or anything aswell?

I’m weighing at about 120kg, height is 173cm roughly. Carrying about 30-35% Bf.

Thanks everyone for your advice.


As you didn’t specify mg/ml, I can only assume 250mg per ml. At that, you’d be pinning 325mg test e per week in a single shot.

This is above my cruise, 250mg, but 0.5mg adex on the day of the shot and another 0.5mg taken 3 days later controls my E2.

If your gear is a little more concentrated at 300mg/ml, 1.3cc is only 390mg test e. That’s about 110mg less than you would need to get something out of a cycle.

I’d advise, say, 1.7cc split into two equal shots of 0.85cc (Monday and Thursday). Also, I’d run 0.25mg adex EOD for four weeks and then test your E2 to see if you need to move up to 0.5mg EOD. This suggestion is only based on 300mg/ml, though.

If 250mg/ml, you would need 1cc Monday and 1cc again on Thursday.

I’m on B&C, so while I know a bit about PCT and hCG, I wouldn’t feel comfortable advising you on that. Though, from what I’ve read, nolva 20/20/20/20 is sufficient enough for PCT.


I just read this. Cut this in half before you even decide to pin again.


Thanks for the. It of info. I am going to lose the fat a bit now.

I’m looking to do about 600mg in that shot. So it’ll be 600 mg a week but in one jab to my deltoid.