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Cycle Advice After Not Training 6 Months

Hey all. Little background on myself. Ive been working out since i was 18. Had some accomplishments after years of work and then lost all of it due to injury. 2 years ago i did my first tren e test e and bolde cycle. But it wasnt me who injected myself. I paid an experienced guy so i could avoid any sides.anyways i stopped working out maybe 6 month ago and started again yesterday. I lost all my gains or maybe i juat gained a ton of fat. Before i stopped 6 month ago i was 72 kilos and 10% bf. Now im 73 kg with 25 plus bf. Im 163 cm in length and 28 yearz old. Whats the best cycle to get back in. Should i cut or bulk. Test prop winny var or some like tren e test e and bolde for 2 month and then 1 month of test p tren p amd winny…total 3 month cycle with a bulk and cut

No cycle! You not only lost gains in 6 months your diet is horrible so you gained massive fat. Before you touch gear again you need to get your diet together and get back in the gym work out naturally for a year and if your still just as motivated then cycle. Steroids aren’t intended for lazy people who only want to work out when they use gear to make results quicker. Using this method will almost always result in what just happened to you. Gains will be made then soon as cycle is over they will be lost. And you will probably ultimately end up looking worse then when you started. You need to focus on cutting naturally right now. Once you figure out how to dot that properly then try and bulk naturally once you master those 2 things naturally and your still motivated try another cycle out.

Also you need to research steroids. I’m getting a sense of laziness from you. First you pay someone to inject you then stop working out and get fat. There is so many reasons why you don’t pay people to inject you. Stop being lazy do your research get your diet together start training and revisit gear at a later date.

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Im not lazy. I calorie count everything. Ive been training for a while too and ive done my research on everything. The only reaso i got fat is because i moves countries , so stress of new work and such. Personaly i paid tbe guy because it felt safer plus i dont know how to inject mysefl yet. Personaly im just thinking get diet togethwe. Clean - 200 calorie deficit with test prop and anavar , thoughts.

Serious question, Why do you think cyclign now is a good idea?

Why do you want to take steroids when you are in a perfect position to make rapid and visible gains naturally? After only 6 months off you will, if you know what you are doing , quickly recover a lot of your ‘lost gains’ in just a few months, At this point you would be in a much better position to assess whether a cycle is a good idea.

So you knew every day for the last 6 months you were eating way to much or unhealthy and kept going.

This is an excuse. As long as you continue to make them you will never get the body or results you want.

When messing with gear it’s almost never safer to have someone else do it. If you don’t know how to inject then you need to learn. Otherwise you are not ready.

I understand I might come off as an asshole but that is really not my intentions I’m just calling it like I see it.

Get yourself together naturally before messing with gear again.

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your first cycle and you stacked 3 compounds wow.