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Cycle Advice (28, 5ft10, 182lbs, 8.3% BF, 25 BMI)


28yrs old, 5ft 10, 182lbs, 8.3%bf, 25bmi. Pinning Cycle is like this… diet is pretty clean hence bf amount. Have cycle experience i started at 8st 9lbs.

Tues & fri 1ml test + 1ml deca & 1ml mast prop mon/wed/fri, 100mg anadrol ed :white_circle:️=.25 arimidex eod
Week 1
Mon- mast⚪️
Tues- Decca, Test
Thurs- Mast
Fri- Decca, Test & mast :white_circle:
Sun- :white_circle:

Week 2
Tues- deca test :white_circle:
Thurs- :white_circle:
Fri- deca test mast
Sat- :white_circle:

So in total 600mg test e, 500mg deca, 300mg mast p weeks 1-10 and 700mg drol a week for weeks 1-4 with adex eod…

then plan on running test 400mg & tren a 125mg and anavar strate after that for 8week but do i leave it a couple weeks before starting this or just go strate onto it & at what dosages?

I have nolva, adex and hcg for pct on hand and plan a 5 week pct after this at…

Adex .5 eod
Nolva 40/20/20/20/10
Hcg 250iu twice a week
Clomid ?
Any suggestions/critisism on any of this is welcome welcome… cheers :slight_smile:


I’d go straight from the first cycle to the second one, and THEN take a break for a bit. 18 weeks on isn’t overkill for someone with experience. But that being said, I B/C. If you’re running a pct, that alters the decision a bit.

How long were you planning to take a break in between? IF you go that route, you need to make sure you fully recover your HTPA. Otherwise, you miss out on the reason for the break entirely. I would say you’d need 2-3 months of a break in between. Mostly because the deca lingers so fucking long. Conversely, if you just run right from the 10 week plan to the 8 week plan, you’d probably need a slightly longer break at the end of it. But not much longer. Maybe more like 3-4 months. So it just kinda depends on how you want to structure your year, really.


Thankyou for reply mate :slight_smile: really do appreciate it… Yeah well I normally cycle and have winter off so can do 3-month off mate and have longer pct if need be :slight_smile: ya think run hcg weeks 15-20 then weeks 20-24 pct nolva and Clomid? Appreciate the advise btw.


Agree with Flip. I would go back to back, worry about recovering later. if your HPTA isn’t who you want it when you want o start second part it is going to delay your plans. go back to back the worry about recovery, and you can take your time and do it right. Also why not run HCG through most of th 18 weeks? that way recovery won’t b as difficult.


Im 5weeks into cycle mate should start now with hcg? What dosage 250iu?


I run between 500-750iu a week split into two injections a week depending on potency of cycle. I have found i recover very well following cycle using that protocol. Yes i would start asap if you plan on running it during cycle, i usually start between weeks 3 and 5. Last time I ran a 15 week cycle with 250iu HCG E3D and when i had labs done 3-4 weeks POST cycle, had not started PCT to see what effect the HCG had on keeping my levels normal, and all labs came back normal, test was low but still within normal ranges, i think at 350ng/nl. Not bad considering length of cycle and the fact I had not began PCT for that experiment.


Thats mint :ok_hand::sunglasses: wont effect my gains tho will it mate? Cheers btw


What was u useing ?




No HCG won’t affect gains.


Okay mate ill start that having problems witb reocureing gyno aswell mate ive just posted about it if u can check it and tell me what u think? :muscle: