Cycle a Friend of Mine Did

I don’t know a lot about steroids. Just the basic outline. A friend of mine did the following cycle and saw no gains. No water retention, no increased, no nothing. Let me addd that he told that he ate 3 meals a day, so I guess his diet is like crap.

Everything he took was in a sealed box. The drugs he took were test cyp(lets call it test 1) , methandienone(dianabol I guess?), a test blend (lets call it test 2) in which on every 250mg were 30mgtest prop, 60mg test phenylpropionate, 60mg test iso and 100mg test decaonate, boldenon, proviron, nolvadex (the last two were in Greek and with a pharmacy stick on them, so I guess they must be legit), and a something called liv52. He took them, like this:

week 1: 250mg test 1, 250mg test 2, 30mg dianabol, 250mg boldenon
week 2: 500mg test 1, 500mg test 2, 500 mg boldenon, 30 mg dianabol
week 3-6: 750 test 1, 750 test 2, 40mg dianabol
week 7-8: as week 2

No PCT. Also, during the cycle he took 10mg of nolva/week, in weeks 1 and 8 1 tab of proviron, weeks 2-7 2 tabs of proviron (10 mg, if I remember right), and 2 tabs of liv52 every week. So, why does this sound wrong to me?

Are these many drugs necessary? And in my undrestanding, he took up to 1,5g test. Am I right? Please, englighten me. Also, he finished the cycle yesterday and has no side effects up to date.

Fake gear


An absurd amount of drugs for a recreational user. Claerly fake.

Thank you guys, that is what I told him, but needed your opinion just to make sure.

Stickers in greek do not equal legit.
Probably was all fake.