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Cycle 3 - T Cyp, EQ and Mast


Hey guys

New here but not completely new to the scene, atleast i hope not. I wanna start my third cycle next week. First of some background and history. Been training 3 years strong but wasn't very dedicated to diet (not that i new alot) so progress wasn't very good. These are my current stats:

bf% 13
5f 10"

cycle history:

Cycle 1:
Week 1 - 4 dbols @ 40mg ed
Week 1 - 10 Supertest @ 640 mg a week split

First cycle was abit crap as diet wasn't chuned in and pct wasn't spot on.

Cycle 2:
Week 1 - 8 Test prop @ 100mg eod
Week 1 - 6 NPP @ 75mg eod
Week 1 - 6 Mast @ 75mg eod
Week 6 - 8 Winny 40mg ed

Second cycle was great with an increase of 6kg's and BF% staying the same, diet was good and pct was good but lost half of my gains as i injured my self, first week of pct and didn't gym for about 3 weeks.

So thats sum of the history, now i wanna do a slow long cutter. The idea is to drop as much bf% as possible. Maybe add a kilo or 2 if possible. Was gonna do a keto but decided without the carbs theres not really a chance of adding any more kilo's. So now im looking at a carb cycle diet. I should be able to add a kilo or two and shed bf, hey?

Proposed cycle 3:

Week 1 - 15 Test cyp @ 500mg a week split
Week 1 - 14 Eq @ 500mg a week split
Week 6 - 15 Masteron @ 400mg a week split
Week 1 - 15 Armidex @ .50mg eod


Week 17 Clomid @ 100mg ed
Week 18 - 21 Kessar @ 20mg ed

HCG to be used mid cycle and maybe at the end till pct.

I think that's everything. So what u guys think is this plausible



Do clomid or nolva for pct, dont mix them like that.

I think you started using way too early if you still weigh 76kg. Why do you wanna drop your weight? You should be bulking IMO to get something out of your cycle.


I wanna drop as much bf so i can start to bulk again at a very low bf next year.
I wouldn't mind bulking from this but would rather wanna drop bf% as much as possible.


Youre 165lbs after 2 cycles.

Go troll another board you skinny fat clown.


Haha...and EQ gives the munchies...


Try eating. Don't tell me, I can guess. You have cereal for breakfast.
And try training properly. You should be able to put on weight easily at your age and weight if you get those two factors right.

Read Starting Strength by Rippatoe. Do the lifts. Read his recent article:


In 3-5 years when you have actually started to reach some of your potential you might think about a simple test cyp cycle with 300-500mg.


weird I've never had that from eq.


hmm... keep in mind the eq will still be suppressing you 4-6 weeks following your week 15... you may want to get a little more cyp and do a stasis of say 100 -200mg per week for an additional 4-6 weeks just to let your self down easy. You can bang the hcg in during that period to get the testes functioning, then Hit the serm you have following that point.

As for the cycle itself... it won't really kick in for you untill between weeks 4-6 although you should regain any size lost from previous cycles prior to that point... other than that... looks pretty safe, and adequate.


Let me start with this, I have no first hand experience, but I read everything I can find so that WHEN I start in a few years, I will be prepared.

Correct me if I amy wrong, but I believe mast acts as an Anti-e, so is there really a need for the a-dex?

Also the guy talking about your weight has a point.... you are saying you want a long slow cutter...but you are light as it is.. why would you want to cut? EAT like a mofo.


Ok so i decided to bulk with this. Using a medium carb diet.

Thanx for all the replies and input


Aim for like 3000-3500 calories, try to get most of it from whole food. Get 5-8 serving of veggies, get lots of healthy fats, and good carbs, and don't over complicate things.

Obviously you haven't been eating enough if you are that weight after two cycles.

With only 3 years of experience before going on, you probably were nowhere near your potential. You would be surprised how much mass you can gain if you try to. When I figured out my diet I went from 165-170 up to 245 in about a year. Bf went from 12-13% to 16%, so no it wasn't totally clean....but out of the 80-85lbs gained, about 60 was muscle...and that was done natural. 6400 calories a day. You will likely lose visible abs. You will never get very big if you are afraid to lose your abs....


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