Cycle 3 Goal: Reduce Pain and Avoid Emotions

I am getting ready to do my 3rd cycle. My first one was great. It was probably closer to a trt protocol but I felt amazing. I felt invincible, got stronger, was amazing in bed, and did not have much in the way of feelings. My second cycle I did not finish because I got sick and ended up losing 25 pounds in 2 months. My goal is to reduce joint pain and not have feelings to help get over a recent breakup. I was leaning towards sustanon 250 but thinking I should just stick to test cyp at about 400 mg per week. The increases in strength and size do not matter to me. Due to fallen arches in both feet I probably should not squat or deadlift too heavy for a while. Ideally I would only have to shoot once a week but am ok shooting twice a week. Thanks for any tips.

Huge, gigantic, massive red flag my man. Sort your feelings out first. Do not rely on altering your hormones to get over a tough emotional hurdle. That is extremely dangerous for your future wellbeing. I cannot overstate this.


Couldn’t agree more with yuppie … if you do what you wrote up there th n brace yourself for a crash post cycle my friend

Yeah yuppie hit on the head but I want to add in.

Use that break up, go to the gym and train natural. Use that anger and pain. I have done that after every break up and I am telling you if it is done right then you will run into the ex down the road and their jaw will drop. If it is a chic you broke up with then chances are her friends are just going to poor some liquor on it and six months down the road she is a hot mess looking like she got ran over. Mean while you are getting muscle mass and muscle tone out of your pain. It’s a good feeling knowing you were able to turn lemons into lemonade. Just do it natural.

Heck every significant milestone in the gym was after a break up except when I didn’t date for a couple of years THEN made the move to AAS.

At the very least training hard will release endorphins and help move you along the road to getting on with your life post break up.

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Good advice given here. Definitely not the right time to use AAS. With fluctuating oestrogen levels AND a break up, you will ruin yourself. I can speak from experience.

Use it as fuel, but do not use AAS. It is not the right time.

Learn discipline and smash your goals without AAS so you know who you are without being enhanced, because when you finally do decide to go on you will be unstoppable.


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