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CYC 1025kg Total 410kg squat



Unbelievably awesome!

I'm curious about his using a double overhand grip on the deadlift? (Never seen that before in a competition deadlift video.)


That guy is a freaking beast! How old is he?


Could be hooking it

Every lift looked an opener, goddamn (first bench probably got out of the groove tho)


when you have awesome form and lots of strength any weight you lift looks easy.


Wow, we can safely say we will be hearing about this guy again.


He's born in 1990. And he's now about 160kg.

His moto is: "Eat till failure".

Training is never till failure. He's coached by Dietmar, norwegian powerlifting team coach.

He competes in the IPF, and is available for drug testing around the clock.

Some will have it that this guy is stronger than Pat Mendez.

He set norwegian records in all three diciplines, and it will be interesting to see how much he can squat in the future, and in all other lifts for that matter.

His trainer says he has not had a talent like this, ever..


Stallion, is there a place where some of Dietmar's routines are available? Do you know how often he has his lifters working in equipment?

I have heard of Dietmar several times, can you write what you know about him?


well, Pat's best lifts are a 350kg Squat and a 230kg Bench, I don't know what his best deadlift is. (that is on YT, he may be capable of more or have done more since) so for now it's safe to say he blows Pat out of the water

that being said, Pat doesn't compete for powerlifting, we only really care what he can snatch and clean & jerk, and so far it's looking like he can make it to the Olympics, which is all that matters.

but the only real way to compare thir lifts though is to have them pull off a Magnusson vs. Bolton type show down for title of strongest teenager =D



Use google translate on the site.

By the way, the Norgwegian division of IPF does not like sharing knowledge. Only a few generic programs are available on the net, and to get other programs you have to be a member of a club.

National coach Dietmar Wolf himself is never participating on any internet forums.

I think they would be better of if they openly shared their ideas and philosophies. Somehow it seems like Norway think it has the best knowledge in the world with regards to building strength. Many norwegians think that they are the center of the world. Not a healthy attitude if you ask me.

The Dietmar-protocol is inspired by sheiko, but heavily modified, and every advanced lifter get his program individually adjusted. The principle is that a lifter gradually builds up the total volume of lifts he do, during many years, and the aim of Dietmar is to make the lifter reach his life potential, not progress as fast as possible. It is also a big focus on avoiding injuries and injury prevention. Lifters train everything from only 3 times a week to multiple daily sessions.

John Broz and Mike Tuscherer share their methods on the internet for everyone to see, Norway does not, for we are oh so special, and our training programs are like millitary secrets.

I just wish that the philosophy would be shared online, there's so many people in the world that could have contributed, and even improved on the programs.

The essence of the programs is to keep the extra energy in the lifter, so as not to work the lifter into the ground. Almost the reverse of the Broz-method. But workouts are frequent.

There are at least two kind of programs that one can run: "Volume programs" and "Peaking programs". Most of the time, the lifters do "Volume programs", and then before competitions they do "Peaking programs".

Dietmar is a very long term view, and if you are an impatient lifter, Dietmar might not just be for you. The very high percentages is something lifters almost never do, and even in competition lifters are often put in with the brakes on. For instance CYC has many years before him to become his best, so he lifts with the brakes on at the moment.

I believe however that most top lifters in Norway would have been top lifters also without Dietmar, they are very strong in their minds, and it shows.

There are some books that one can retrieve where most of the philosophy is laid out, however, these books are nowhere online to be found. You need to be part of a club and attend a trainer course to retrieve this material.

But styrkeloft.no is the main source, as it is the website of the Norwegian IPF.

This post might come forward as negative, but it is not intended to be so. Norwegians needs to open their eyes more. USA has 307 000 000 inhabitants. Norway has less than 5 000 000 inhabitants. And then add all the people in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and every other nation out there that has a powerlifting community.

If more eyes could look at the Dietmar program, it could be improved greatly, and also make it more popular around the world. There are many good coaches around the world who would be interested in this philosophy of training. It's no rocket science, and no reason to threat it as a millitary secret. :slight_smile:


This is a really awesome post, thanks a lot stallion!


Man, he's my age. I feel useless now. :frowning:


Another fact that might surprise you; during the last six weeks before this competition Carl only did squats 2-3 times pr. week with loads between 90-150 kg due to bad knees.
His heaviest geared squat in this contest cycle was a single with 355 kg... his mental strength seem to be just as awesome as his physical strength =)

The most impressive thing about the guy is that he trains with relatively light loads across the board. Never comes near his true raw potential in any of his workouts.
The current junior IPF world record total stands at 1075 kg (2370 lbs), that is a number that Carl hopefully will crush by the end of 2013.


Good God are his quads massive. Extremely impressive.


Did I read the last panel correctly? He took second in his weight class? Who the hell took first?

Those squats were ridiculous. At least 4 inches below parallel. Incredible. This kid should end up being an all-time great, if not the greatest ever.


His legs look bigger around than the waist of the spotters.


Some Ukrainian dude. He squatted less, benched more and I don't remember the deadlift. Why CYC did not go for the golf in the last deadlift is beyond me.


Yea it's confusing. I think he's had some knee issues so maybe they didn't want to risk anything. Still, didn't look like another 7.5kg on that deadlift would've been remotely hard for him and that would've given them the gold right? All the lifts looked like warmup weights...

Oh well, beautiful lifts, especially the squats. Will be interesting/frightening to see what becomes of this kid.


better to let everyone know you could've won today and not risked getting hurt and kick ass all over worlds tomorrow maybe?

His legs look like a slightly younger versions of Serge Reddings quads or Captain Kirks, I don't really even want to place a guess on what he will have squatted within the NEXT 20 YEARS.


Just by cutting the squat off at parallel I'm sure he could add a lot to his current numbers. Then again, I would be willing to guarantee that there are several Youtube champions already telling him he is squatting high.